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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Running Around Like the Proverbial Chicken...

Hellooooooooo, It's me!! Wow, what a week!! (From now on the code for that is WWW!) So very much to be done...not enough time to do it...For some reason, the time change is really dragging me down. It's sooo dark by the time I get everyone delivered to their homes for the day, that ole grandma just can't do much but come home and take a quick power nap and then try to "continue" for another 4 hours or so.

I feel like I've been running around like the proverbial chicken with her head cut off. Now then, back to business. I wanted to relate a little happening in my life that was extremely special and heart warming. MANY years ago (you know when we had to walk 5 miles to school in the snow with shoes that had holes in their bottoms..haha), we put up our family Christmas tree (always cedar) on December 15. We had big colored bulbs and tinsel and silver icicles that HAD to be put on one at a time. My brother and sister and I ended up throwing wads of them on the tree if Mother left the room ;( Anyhooo, we always had a beautiful little angel on the top of the tree. She had a lithographed head and shoulders, golden wings and was surrounded by angel hair. Three gold stars were strategically placed around her. That was the Alexander angel and she was used every year. Her name was "Sweet Angie" in honor of a little children's song that was popular in the 50's (and I like to think, me.)

Somehow, "Sweet Angie" got lost. My parents stored some of their possessions in a storeroom that caught on fire and there you go, stuff went up in smoke. So we think that's where she was lost. One day, several years ago, I happened by a garage sale and just HAD to pull in. I was delving into a box of antique linens when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little white box. I opened it and when I moved the tissue paper to see what was underneath, I gasped! There she was! "Sweet Angie"! I couldn't get to the checkout fast enough...."How much?" I asked. Are you ready for the answer?! "Fifty cents!" Why, that was an insult, but I paid her ransom and she has adorned various trees in my house for the last ten years or so.

How do things like that happen? The facts: I would pass by a random garage sale on a random morning, two hours south of where I lived as a little girl and find "Sweet Angie"some forty years after her demise? I know, you are thinking, "Crazy woman, it's not the same one." Well, think that to yourself, please. Because I prefer to think Somebody knew that I needed a strong connection to my past to get me through some tough times and that angel did it and still does it to this day. I love her and every year when I bring her out of her box, she reminds me of a cedar tree sparkly with icicles and big colored bulbs and my mother saying, "Now, put on the icicles, one at a time!" I miss that part of my life.


danman49 said...

So sweet, Angela! And I do believe finding "Sweet Angie" was a GOD wink!! It was meant to be and I love it!!! Reading this blog brought back childhood memories for me! And we threw the icicles on in a clob too!! It drove my sweet mom crazy!!lol

Angela McInnis said...

Now I understand the wisdom of the one icicle at a time theory...then, it just slowed me down!!

hannah singer said...

what a sweet post, and an awesome find of sweet angie!

(i need your mailing address, sweet angie;) please!)

stjthomas said...

What a sweet post about your "sweet angie
angel"We all need to stop and hang the icicles one at a time and count our blessings along the way:)

Your MMK friend,
Susanne Allen Thomas