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Friday, December 10, 2010

Vintage Christmas Items

Please, take a little walk down Memory Lane with me tonight. Just a few snaps of some well loved items I bring out every year at Christmas. Click on image to enlarge.

Kewpie Doll gift tags were my grandmother's.
Candy cane & GB man in a salt glazed pitcher.
I have a nice collection of salt glaze items. I'd like to share them with you one day.

My Vintage Christmas Post Card Collection is a real treasure of mine. I have cards for every major holiday.

Old pottery candle holder...love the Santa. This is NOT a mold item. Somebody actually hand molded the entire holder. His pack on his back is the "holder".

Small German Santa I found at the flea market years ago.

I love poking around at flea markets. When Christmas comes there seems to be a wealth of old vintage decorations just calling my name. Shown above are some of my treasures.
In the 1910's and 20's beautifully lithographed post cards were sent in place of our modern folded cards. I began a collection of these cards years ago. I have them for all major holidays and especially love the Christmas ones. Most have writing on the back and a post stamped with the date also. Heartfelt messages sent long ago to a loved one warm my heart each time I look at them.
If you will look closely at the Kewpie Doll tags, the little creatures all have different poses. My grandmother loved K Dolls and I kept these tags all these years. I couldn't bear to "use them up!"
I know these things are just "things" but some "things" are precious both in their looks and their "stayability". I tire easily of many decorative items, but not these. These are the stuff of my dreams.


hannah singer said...

wonderful goodies! LOVE the postcards!

Angela McInnis said...

You ought to see my Easter ones!! They are just beautiful. I got some on Ebay and some at the flea market...always on the lookout. Love the messages on back as much as the front.

danman49 said...

Love all of these! Feel free to post more pictures of all your findings! Beautiful!