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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spaghetti Sauce and December GiveAway Winner!

I have just been awakened by the most unsettling dream. Today (in real life) I will prepare spaghetti for 25 family members, and for some reason I have tossed and turned all night long. Now, I don't like to brag but I make very good spaghetti sauce and have been making it for years so there's no problem there. In my dream I am living in an apartment and have to make my sauce in a former student's kitchen because my kitchen is too small. Now right off the bat this is strange because the student's kitchen looks like something a very small but stylish gnome would use.

In the dream as I am walking to the apartment with all my pots and pans in tow, I am greeted by a large contingent of former students. I arrive and make the sauce without incident until I gather my tools and the large pot of sauce and begin to leave, at which time I promptly slip and drop the entire pot of sauce. (I know that was a run on sentence, but it was necessary.)

Now I am faced with cleaning the student's floor PLUS re-making the sauce. (Sigh.) A young man in camo is seated in some kind of boat eating a box of donuts and pleads with me NOT to give up and to re-make said sauce. At that moment, I give an undaunted look and head to the store for more ingredients.

Now I'm no psychologist but I'd say this may have several meanings.

1. Be extremely careful in the kitchen today...(I'm wearing my Reeboks and a bicycle helmet.)
2. Somewhere there's a man in the military that needs my spaghetti sauce.
3. Even if faced with feeding 25, eat a donut and DO NOT give up...you can do this!
4. I need a new kitchen remodel because mine is OBVIOUSLY too small.

Do you have any thoughts on this situation?

BTW: Winner of the DECEMBER BLOG GIVEAWAY is #25: Jennifer Rodgers! Merry Christmas, Jennifer! Thanks for being a "follower"!

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