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Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Thoughts from a Random Person

Just a few random thoughts.....had a great "Cookie Swap" today! Such fun with ladies that I work with...I'd like to say that my co-worker, Susan, is the VERY best co-worker anyone could have. Kind, helpful, just plain nice. (She'd have to be to put up with my nonsense.) Next: Chicken Daddy has been "shopping" since 3:30 this afternoon...and it's now approaching 5:30...this is MUCH longer than normal...do you think I got a "hippopotamus" for Christmas" this year?

One of my former students, Stephanie, posted her Christmas tree made out of coke cans with a "pull tab" star on FB and I had to re-post it...Isn't it cute? Rather clever...I'm sure she was inspired by some of her former teachers to accomplish such a fete! (BTW: she has just returned from South Korea where she was a missionary. One day this week I had 21 South Koreans reading my blog....more than my United States hits at that moment! Is that not mind boggling?)

And on top of all that, I taught Patrick House...this season's Biggest Loser several years ago and I am still just ecstatic about his win on Tuesday.

I am drawing for the December blog GiveAway in the morning...be on alert! I have almost 30 coming to my house Sunday for our Family Christmas...wish me luck! I am still slightly loopy from my "procedure" yesterday, but all in all I have had an excellent day!

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