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Friday, December 24, 2010

Handwork For Wintry Days and Evenings

Peaceful night, all is well and the big day is coming to a close. Our Christmas day was quiet, and my brain is working overtime, as it usually does. I thought I might switch gears for tonight and start planning a few quick projects for what's left of my vacation. If you have a minute and are not too tired, grab a cup of tea or coffee and take a look with me.

Felt, beads and embroidery floss...the dynamic trio! I love designing strange little things and combining these three items to "flesh out" the design. I enjoy bringing something calm and beautiful out of chaos. Pin cushions, puzzle balls and other creations just make me smile. Pictured above are my attempts at puzzle balls. I needed to use up some of my beads and felt.

I made these puzzle balls in three sizes. As you can tell Crazy Quilt stitches influence me greatly.

I have collected pin cushions for years...just like to look at them and imagine the lady who used them before me. I have a wonderful collection of framed vintage crazy quilt pieces, and no matter how long I have them, I still love the tiny delicate stitches. I felted and embroidered the pin cushions below.

I also enjoy quick crochet projects. I'm not too much into following directions, I just make up as I go. My bird's nests are crocheted using eyelash and multicolored yarns...I like to attach feathers and pretty eggs. I use them year round. Once I made tons of them and sold them at a Christmas bazaar. I attached a label explaining the old wives' tale that to find a nest in your Christmas tree brought good fortune for the next year. I couldn't make them fast enough!

Above you will see a dark nest and below a lighter version. They take about 10 minutes to crochet. Adding feathers and eggs adds another 5 minutes! Cute spring gifts.

These copper nests catch the tree lights just perfectly. They are some of my favorites to use during the holidays. If you enjoy these type "crafts" check out The House in the Roses blog. I am participating in "Show Off Your Cottage Monday." See button on the upper right to attend!

After a busy holiday season, it will be great to have a cup of coffee, a fire in the fireplace and stitch up some of the quick and easy projects. Hope you picked up some ideas for the long cold winter days ahead! BTW: I have added a number of very interesting blogs to my blog list. Hope you can visit them and enjoy!
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danman49 said...

I love these!! You are so talented!!

Machelle Blankenship said...

You have the loveliest work ever!! I love the puzzle balls, the details, colors, everything....wow! Thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

Your bird nests are gorgeous. I love finding abandonded nests in the woods and using them to decorate, but always wonder if a homeless bird family could use it. No guilt with yours. Simply gorgeous. I keep saying I'm going to teach myself to crochet and you have underscored the need to do that sooner rather than later. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your downtime.

Angela McInnis said...

Well, ladies, thank you very much! I taught myself to crochet, but had to have MUCH help with knitting...still only knit (and purl only by mistake)!
It's nice to know that there are still so many people who enjoy doing handwork! I do appreciate your kind comments!

Lynn said...

Beautiful work! I sew, knit just a little, and don't know how to crochet. But you've inspired me. I love the pin cushions too. I've just started felting and made my new son-in-law a stocking this year. Thanks for sharing!

Angela McInnis said...

You are very welcome, Lynn! Thanks to all of you who have visited!