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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can You Imagine?

I wrote this piece for a Woman's December Daily Devotion Guide at my church a number of years ago...even though dated, it's still timely for today's hurry up world.

No Room In the Inn

No beautifully appointed birthing suite was present and certainly no candlelight celebration dinner was enjoyed like many modern couples experience! The only candles that might have been used were those used by Joseph to aid in the delivery of a tiny Baby Boy.

No excited grandparents and friends waited expectantly outside a sterile glass enclosure. No trumpets sounded and no headlines proclaimed the royal birth. Only animals gently lowing in the hay strewn area and surprised shepherds on a hillside even knew. What an unsophisticated beginning! And yet, that sweet, simple entry profoundly changed our world and its inhabitants forever.

Jesus...That Name still stirs hearts some two thousand years later. Of whom can that be said except our Lord?

Thanks be to God...Who Is and Was and IS TO COME!


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How touching and oh so true!!

Merry Christmas!!