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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Triple Threat

Ok, I am going to state it plainly... I am coming right out and saying it ... here goes ... I love eggnog AND fruitcake AND Christmas sweaters! There can I make it any plainer? How can you not also love these things?

I am sooooo worn out with the "fashion police" dictating what apparel I should love and what I should not. I have been highly insulted this season by all these so-called Tacky Christmas Sweater parties. What in the world are these people thinking? Do they have any idea how many people in this country love dressing for the holidays in sparkly sweaters with reindeer and Santa Claus emblazoned on them? What's it to those who have an aversion to such style? I say, turn and look the other way... it's just for a few weeks out of the 52 ... let the holly jolly folks alone!

And eggnog and fruitcake! Now those are two of the most maligned things on the face of the planet. I really don't care for the overall taste of nutmeg, but once a year eggnog is just a balm to soothe a shopping exhausted soul. I stalk the milk aisle in December until I spy the green labels, and then I vault over to the display and snatch up the first container of eggnog for the season. My grandson and I LOVE the stuff...nothing like a Little Debbie Donut Stick and a glass of cold creamy eggnog to start off the day.

Once a male co-worker gifted us with a fruitcake for Christmas. I politely placed it in my bookbag and forgot about it until I had to pick up the bookbag to go home that afternoon. I almost had to have shoulder realignment. That day, when I got home I was (as usual) starving and so I unwrapped the cake and searched for a knife with which to cut it. When I turned back toward the cake the most delightful aroma arose ... I'm a teetotaler so I can't identify the different smells of alcohol, but I knew there was something different about this one. Anyway by the time the hubster came home, I acknowledged that it was the most delicious fruitcake I'd ever tasted. He passed on the enticement. I know all the jokes about using it for a doorstop and such, but an alcohol free fruitcake and eggnog are the season's most delightful coupling to me.

My point to this diatribe is if you don't like something, you don't need to try to convince the world not to like it. What have Christmas sweaters, eggnog and fruitcake ever done to you? I love all three and will gladly stand up for them. There, I've said it....think of me as you will.


danman49 said...

And I love all three too!!!

Mary T said...

Made an eggnog pound cake this year and it was yummo! Didn't like fruitcake until one of my uncles shared a Sugar Free Fruitcake. It doesn't have any of the sticky candies, but golden raisins, lots of nuts and fresh fruit... bananas, apples... I love it. I also love my "tacky" sweaters! MERRY CHRISTMAS

Julie said...

I also like eggnog and fruitcake without the spirits. I don't dislike Christmas sweaters, but just can't invest in clothes with such a short wearing season, although I guess they can be worn over a longer period of years than most clothes. I do have a long-sleeve knit blouse with a snowman on it -- usually don't find it until after Christmas though.

Holly Barber said...

Tell it, girl! I think the Tacky Christmas Sweater parties are just, well..."tacky". I happen to like dressing all Christmas-y in the month of December. I just love Christmas.....so shoot me people, ok?!? haha
Not too fond of the fruit cake....but I do love my mom's uncooked fruit cake that she makes every year for the holidays. And I could just make myself sick on eggnog. --Eggnog shakes, slushes, etc.

stjthomas said...

Amen Angela!! Personally, I always wear my Christmas vests, sweaters etc the ENTIRE month of December!! I always have compliments on them, they maybe "tacky" to some people, but you know I have gotten to the age that I really don't give a RIP:) BTW I also love eggnog and fruitcake!!

Happy Shopping today!!
Merry Christmas!!

Mary Andress said...

Looove eggnog! Even love it in my coffee this time of year. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE eggnog! Eggnog coffee, eggnog cheesecake, you name it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up to my party! I am following you back now. :)

Angela McInnis said...

I knew there were more out there like me! Let's form a society ... it will be a non-profit organization ... we'll be the Fruitcakes...sweet but a little nutty!

hannah singer said...

Me me! I love Christmas sweaters, egg nog and fruitcake!
I must say though, there are fun and festive sweaters and there are tacky ones;) AND I have been burned with fruitcake a time or two...but...bring it ALL on! CHRISTMAS! xo