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Monday, February 28, 2011

Barney Cupcakette Cake

I am so old that I am now teaching children of former students!! Yikes! One of the teachers at my school is a former eighth grade student of mine, and I love her dearly. Last year her little girl turned two and was absolutely in love with Barney. My former student (now turned colleague) wanted a little something different for the party...not just the "run of the mill" cake. She had this great idea...which my teaching partner and I turned into reality!

She wanted tiny cupcakes for each two year old who attended the party...not regular sized ones, but the little tiny ones. Then she wanted the cupcakes made into a Barney shaped cake. Hmmmmm.....well, two cake mixes and 5 million cans of icing later we had done it. "Teaching partner" baked all 70 cupcakettes and I tinted and iced! The first teeny tiny cupcake Barney cake on the planet Earth was complete! Look at the cute scallops that were the result of edges of the cupcakettes...FYI: It took over 50 of the cupcakettes to make the cake.

It's almost Hallie's third birthday and I wanted to do a special post wishing her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope she (and her mom and dad) will remember that we love her, too and we had a great time making Barney a reality cake for her!!

The above says it all!

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Blessings and cupcakes for everybody!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Give Me Your Forlorn, Your Raggedy...The Encouragement Factor

Before I go on my rant about encouraging others, look at my weekend Flea Market finds!
I rather dread the polishing process, but I know this silver bowl/compote will be lovely!
The white wrought iron plant stand will go on the porch beside the white rocker...can't wait to put a pretty pink geranium in it! The old drink box is the real reason I went to the FM in the first place. CanNOT wait to show you what I'm doing with it...hint: it's getting close to "chicken" time!
More "wabbits"...

Yellow daisy ...

Pink daisy...

White daisy...

Blue hydrangea...

Tiny daffodils....

Something for the boys...Little Bunny Blue
Now, on to the subject at hand!!

There is something very satisfying in rescuing the forlorn, the could-be's in this world...excuse me, I sound like the Statue of Liberty, don't I? However, I have always had a special place in my heart for taking the raggedy and making it, well, lovely.

Once, in high school Home Ec. III class, my mother let me re-purpose a large storage closet off our kitchen and turn it into a pantry/laundry room for my assigned "home project". I painted it sunshine yellow (more stop signish yellow..ugh) and made black and white flowered curtains for the windows. Remember: this was in the heyday of Flower Children. I worked like a trojan on the room and in the end was delighted with the result. (Nobody in my family, except Mother, was as delighted.) I pressed on.
To this day, few people in my family get fired up about my "nonsense" except possibly my Granddaughter.( I believe I see a spark of artsy in her...I can only hope and encourage.) Does their lack of "loving what I do" discourage me? Strangely, no. It used to disappoint me greatly. I'm saddened that people don't see certain aspects of the world like I do, but it's ok...I choose to continue to press forward. (Excuse the dramatics.)

The re-purpose (aka: helping others) factor is what I love so much about blogging. There are so many creative women out there who daily tackle projects that nobody even thinks about, much less does! This spirit is very important to families...it needs to be passed on to a generation that is on the fast track to little if any exposure to "the good ole American spirit" of Can Do plus WILL Do.

(Check out http://www.incourage.me/)

There is something satisfying in not only knowing you CAN be helpful but in actually putting your shoulder next to someone who is struggling and "pushing" along with them.

When asked "Why do you do such and such?"

My answer is twofold:

1. Because I CAN;

2. Because I WANT to.

Folks, it's not just about re-painting and re-purposing furniture or making a Spring basket!

To me, it's infinitely more satisfying to see a "student" excel than to "top out" myself. One day, I'll be a memory, but a little of me will continue on if that student chooses to pass on "the help & encouragement factor". You can never underestimate the far reaching arms of the encouragement factor.

Now, let's go forth and encourage!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Wabbit in a Daisy Basket!

Today I experienced one of those eureka moments...it occurred in Hancock Fabrics...I saw the cutest little rabbits, but I really need to speak to Hancock's management team...their prices are just so out of line!! Finished my mission there and traveled straight to $ Tree...now that's what I'm talking about!

Bunny Before...

Basket Before...

Bunny After...

Basket After...

What did I do?

Bunny: Unscrew bunny head and hot glue daisies all over the plastic container.
Clean container, add Cadbury eggs and replace head.

Glue on daisies, ribbons, etc. then add blush to cheeks and ears...love it!

Basket: Add daisies all around the rim of the basket. Add a few leaves.

Make polka dot bow and tie on. Add daisy and leaves to middle of bow.

Fill basket with yellow Easter grass.

Add pink and yellow bunny suckers.

Plop in Miss Bunny!!

Mucho Bang for your six bucks!!

I made the whole thing for less than the cost of the rabbit at the fabric store!

Cute little happy for somebody who needs some cheerfulness!

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Blessings and Happy Almost Spring,

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mod Podging My Way Through Life...A Gallery

I have been asked several times lately, "What's up with this Mod Podge obsession of yours?" Well, sit right down and get comfortable, I'd like to show you my gallery of Mod Podged items! I think you will have fun looking at what the sealer-glue-finish can actually do. Mod Podge is produced by Plaid. It's a pretty old glue gel and comes in several finishes depending on the look you desire. I have explained under each picture below the various components involved with the production of each piece...all held together by Mod Podge (aka: Nectar of the gods!!)
Every item on every item was adhered with MP and finished with the stuff, too.
Canvas, tissue, scrapbook papers, photos of several flowers and the vase, acrylic paint, ink.

Wood piece 24x24", Cricut cut numbers, letters & circles, acrylic paint, plain scrapbook paper.

Canvas, pictures of grandchildren run off on regular printer paper, acrylic navy paint.

Canvas, vintage pattern pieces, tissue, scrapbook paper, Gesso, acrylic paint, cut outs from magazines, typed "sayings".

Small paper covered canvas, scrapbook paper, acrylic, tissue paper.

Same small paper covered canvas, newspaper, scrapbook paper, tissue for background, typed saying, acrylic paint.

Canvas, scrapbook papers, Cricut circles, large "r" notecard, pictures run off on printer paper.

Small paper covered canvas, tissue, acrylic, Gesson, typed sayings.

Odds & Ends

Small glass candleholders, Epsom salts, glitter.

Large glass candleholder, tissue paper, glitter.

Short candle, figured tissue paper, Epsom salts.

Large tray sprayed black and painted with acrylic paints on handmade paper.

Sale wooden plaque, scrapbook paper, Cricut fluorishes (cut apart), small stick on stones, Distressing ink.

Tissue paper, acrylic paint, small printer paper picture of granddaughter, corrugated cardboard, ink, typed sayings, vintage music, small paper covered canvas.

Small paper covered canvas, scrapbook paper, typed saying.

Canvas, acrylic paint, Cricut letters, bird, flourishes & hearts, vintage science book pages, acrylic paint and Distressing ink. To see the tutorial for this piece go Here.

Canvas, scrapbook papers, vintage music, handmade paper for edges, acrylic paint.

Canvas, scrapbook paper, tissue, typed saying, acrylic paint.

Canvas, handmade paper, scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, Distressing inks.

Canvas, Handmade paper (edge), printed tissue paper, acrylic paint, bubble wrap, raised felt border (disassembled), acrylic paint, Distressing Ink.

Canvas, tissue paper, vintage paper, acrylic paint, Distressing ink, raised felted border (disassembled).

Every item above was immersed in Mod Podge...matte or gloss...all were treated to the wonderful stuff! I'd like to know what you do with the greatest stuff on earth!
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Mod Podging my way through life,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flea Markets, The Color Green & Geo. Washington

This afternoon was too pretty to stay indoors. I made a trek to the flea markets on highway 49 just outside of Florence, Mississippi. Directions: Pass Jerry's Fish House (the big white igloo) on your left go a mile or so and watch for Donna's Produce on your right...the markets will be just a little past Donna's on your right.

If you've never been here, you must check it out! No admission and the hours are posted on the picture below.

Next door is a newer Flea Market that is also very enjoyable. You are NOT going to find better prices in the Jackson area. Both markets are full of great finds at good prices.

Now, onto my finds.. on the way to my destination I had a thought...this was too good a chance...nothing really to do...I had some pocket change...time to start thinking about the decor for my backporch for this year...What?! Aren't you rushing it a tad, mam? Maybe, but I dream in color and I love dreaming about my color scheme for the approaching spring and summer months! Once I have that accomplished, buying plants to fill in and plant is a snap. You DO have a different color theme each year, don't you?!

For some, the color is red. I love all shades of it. Then there's blue...just heavenly. I have to be quite careful with yellow...the color of the flame of a candle or a baby chick are my favorites. As I have aged, purple has become palatable. (gulp!) I have recently become enchanted with all things orange. (Martha started that rage several years ago.) But there is just something about Green that puts a spring in my step! (No pun intended here.)

Besides, when you use green as your foundation color...you can use anything else as your pops of color...Look, if it's good enough for Mother Nature, it's sure good enough for me!

My daffodils are just pushing through the earth...I've seen others in bloom all over town. Look at the beautiful foliage. From blue green to a more yellowed green are visible.

Even though clover is supposed to be a sign of compacted soil, I always look forward to the first patches and the inevitable "look" for the four leaf clover!
So began my "look" for some green items to use on my porch...behold my FINDS!

Right off the bat I spied the green tole tray...Nashco...my favorite handpainted trays! Then I added three green shamrock plates...made in Japan and crazed (rather like their new owner.) A set of napkins and a tablecloth for $6.50! and a set of 4 apple green glass candleholders for my porch "candelier"!

Small blue frame with a signed watercolor of a nest with blue eggs! Oh, I'm in heaven! Do you see that large apple green basket!? I thought I was going to have to fight to get it out of the door...everyone wanted it...but I've learned a BIG lesson about FM shopping...grab while you can...it will NOT be there when you go back. Inside the basket is the tablecloth (which is washing as we speak)...my porch pillows from last year will fit right in! (See them in back?)
A few up close pictures are below and I "staged" some of the finds indoors because I was losing light outside.

Another item I saw, but think I can do rather than buy, was a large mirror with green leaves painted on the mirror surface itself...it will reflect light and add a touch of (I hate this word and can't stand to write it, but it fits here) whimsy. (Ugh, there I said it.)

So my afternoon ended. It was the first afternoon I've had to myself in almost a month. I needed it. I needed the quiet, the thrill of the hunt and the victory of finding small items to make my porch an inviting place to visit. Because of the "pollen invasion" that will soon descend on many of the southern states, I can't begin my "transformation" until later in the spring...but I've got a good head start...now onto the project of selecting flower colors!

By the way, Happy Presidents' Day. We should all be grateful to those men who sacrificed their lives for a time to lead our nation! Hats off to all of them~! Nice going, George!

Now, go enjoy some nice temperatures and that beautiful sunshine! This is the day the Lord hath made....let's rejoice in it and in His Creation!

Blessings and a grateful heart to you,