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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Floppy Flower Rampage!

Well, I don't know if anyone noticed or not, but I've been "out of touch" for a few days! This past week brought several challenges and I had to navigate some rough waters...nothing horrible, just some temporary turbulence. And because I know you have your own "white waters", I'm not going to whine about mine! This is just a quick post to "get back into the mix".

This weekend was spent quietly. I painted two mixed media crosses for an upcoming silent auction (I'll post pictures later this week) and then I went on another floppy flower rampage! What is it about those flowers? I LOVE making them...BTW and FYI: the polyester satin at Hancock's was $6.99 and $9.99 per yard...HOBLOB had it for $2.99 a yard! What?! And I liked the way it melted better AND it came in an array of colors.

Granddaughter in pink ultra-suede with pink and ivory satin floppies. What a cutie!

These are some of the beautiful colors I found at HOBLOB. Pale gray, deep gold and a lighter gold. This less expensive satin was much softer and "drooped" more than the more expensive kind.

For some reason, the toile on the frames is not showing up gold...it is and looks so pretty with the floppy flowers. In front is a black note holder with a gray floppy and another crochet basket. Top right is a chicken wire basket...the new Country Living magazine is extolling the virtues of chicken wire this season.

For Valentine's Day, I found decorative fingernail files and tiny matching tissue boxes at Michael's for the grandchildren to give their teachers...also some of the cutest reproduction Valentine's at Tuesday Morning...25 for $3.99! I've loaded up my basket with cupcakes and small gifts for other teachers in celebration of Val's Day... and Granddaughter and I bought a heart punch and some funky bright papers in zebra prints to make Val's for her class. We're loaded with good wishes and little remembrances for the big day...hope yours is great!

Happy Valentine's Eve from me to you,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How cute! LOVE the hat. And the picture frames are so pretty. I would love to have something like that in my family room. I love the golds! The wall surrounding our mantel is Benjamin Moore's Golden Tan with metallic gold paint ragged on top.

Lovely post. Glad you're back :D

Happy Valentine's Day :D

hannah singer said...

she is super cute!
love how those frames turned out!