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Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, Happy Day! Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!
Because Valentine's Day is such a happy, fun holiday...I wanted to share a few pictures of things my sweet friends gifted me with today. Of course, I must begin with my lovely roses.

I received these from the hubby and all at once I was transported to my junior year in high school! I had an evening gown just this color and I do believe it was the prettiest gown I ever owned! My rose corsage matched perfectly...long white gloves...oh, I was quite taken with myself!!

My SWEET Secret Pal, at school, sent me brownies in the cutest ceramic scalloped pan. As you can see, a certain "fluffy" lady has already dived into them...warmed with a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream...oh, heavens~!

I WILL be rising earlier than usual in the morning....Cherry Caramel Chocolate Lovers Blend coffee...oh, mercy...I can't wait...maybe I'll have another brownie. Can't wait to use my heart and polka dot mug!

Cute wrapping papers, tags, and little chocolate turtles, truffles and hearts...oh, how will I ever get into my Sunday clothes again? (but for Today...who cares?!)

My friend, Miss Anonymous sent me "Gentle Eye Make Up Remover" pads (recommended by Alure) in this beautiful box...I know it killed her to give it up because she has a "thing" for pretty boxes. My co-worker brought tiny chocolate hearts wrapped in pink tinfoil and then wrapped in red netting...so pretty.

This tiny box contained 4 truffles...I ate three, Granddaughter got one...bad grandmother!

The Valentine I made for my mother when I was in Mrs. Wylie's second grade class... and in case you are wondering, that was 54 years ago! I'm glad my mother kept it for me!

Such a great bunch of people to work with..we've all eaten so many cupcakes and little pieces of candy that it will be a wonder if we can waddle into the building in the morning! But what fun to be remembered so fondly. Thank you everybody!!

My sentiments exactly!!
Tomorrow I'd like to share with you some items that are going to be put in a silent auction at my grandchildren's school...all handmade and not all mine! Can't wait to show you the talents of some of my friends! See you then!

Thank you for putting up with my nonsense,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! You racked-up!!! I think you have enjoyed your day :D

Ricki Jill

A Vintage Vine said...

Look forward to what you show us tomorrow! Hope you had a great day!

hannah singer said...

Happy valentine's day! Hope it was grand--looks like it was!:) xo