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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Generous Friends Contribute to Silent Auction & Mod Podge Crosses

I have very generous friends..they share their time, talent and kindness to so many. I have a great example of that to show you in today's post. I asked some very talented ones to donate something for a Silent Auction that is taking place at my grandchildren's school in two months. Without hesitation, they all said "Certainly!" Do you know how refreshing it is to ask for something and know that your wish will be granted and not just granted, but they go the extra mile!

I'd like to show you the first donation...a trio of handmade ceramic crosses by Wanda Pearson. Wanda is not only talented in ceramics, she writes ...prose, poems, music. She is a wonderful English teacher on top of all the other stuff! (She also sews and has a precious granddaughter as a model for her adorable little outfits!) Wanda is what I like to call a "Visionary"...she sees what others do not...she sees what CAN be...not necessarily what is...I LOVE Visionaries!

This is her first offering, The Pearl Cross. It's so simple and pretty and is accompanied by a beautifully printed card featuring Matthew 13:46.

The Dragonfly Cross is like one I purchased from her for a special Christmas gift for my son. Each of her crosses has a deeper meaning than just being a pretty decorative piece. Her explanations are lovely and heartfelt.

The last cross, The Angel Cross, is the largest of the three and a beautifully sculpted item.
I appreciate Wanda's willingness to share her time and talent with others for this worthy cause. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, her email is pearsonwk@gmail.com

Her offerings inspired mine. I have painted two mixed media crosses to submit for the auction.

This canvas is 12"x24" and has at its foundation antique sheet music and various tissue papers. The cross itself was made from a border I found, cut and put together in the cross shape.

These colors are pretty true to the real thing...it appears richer in "person". My second cross is a similar piece but I painted it in neutrals and used handmade paper around the edge to mimic a frame. I used lots of Mod Podge in both pieces. I really had no particular plan except to use dark colors on one and lighter colors on the other. I like the way they turned out.

As I worked on this one, I quickly loved it's neutral appearance. It will go with any type decor.

As other pieces are given, I will post them so you can see the great variety of talent. I wish to thank all the lovely ladies who have been so generous!

Blessings and love to each of you,

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Michelle said...

Beautiful! I love the crosses you did--what a cool idea!