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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Give Me Your Forlorn, Your Raggedy...The Encouragement Factor

Before I go on my rant about encouraging others, look at my weekend Flea Market finds!
I rather dread the polishing process, but I know this silver bowl/compote will be lovely!
The white wrought iron plant stand will go on the porch beside the white rocker...can't wait to put a pretty pink geranium in it! The old drink box is the real reason I went to the FM in the first place. CanNOT wait to show you what I'm doing with it...hint: it's getting close to "chicken" time!
More "wabbits"...

Yellow daisy ...

Pink daisy...

White daisy...

Blue hydrangea...

Tiny daffodils....

Something for the boys...Little Bunny Blue
Now, on to the subject at hand!!

There is something very satisfying in rescuing the forlorn, the could-be's in this world...excuse me, I sound like the Statue of Liberty, don't I? However, I have always had a special place in my heart for taking the raggedy and making it, well, lovely.

Once, in high school Home Ec. III class, my mother let me re-purpose a large storage closet off our kitchen and turn it into a pantry/laundry room for my assigned "home project". I painted it sunshine yellow (more stop signish yellow..ugh) and made black and white flowered curtains for the windows. Remember: this was in the heyday of Flower Children. I worked like a trojan on the room and in the end was delighted with the result. (Nobody in my family, except Mother, was as delighted.) I pressed on.
To this day, few people in my family get fired up about my "nonsense" except possibly my Granddaughter.( I believe I see a spark of artsy in her...I can only hope and encourage.) Does their lack of "loving what I do" discourage me? Strangely, no. It used to disappoint me greatly. I'm saddened that people don't see certain aspects of the world like I do, but it's ok...I choose to continue to press forward. (Excuse the dramatics.)

The re-purpose (aka: helping others) factor is what I love so much about blogging. There are so many creative women out there who daily tackle projects that nobody even thinks about, much less does! This spirit is very important to families...it needs to be passed on to a generation that is on the fast track to little if any exposure to "the good ole American spirit" of Can Do plus WILL Do.

(Check out http://www.incourage.me/)

There is something satisfying in not only knowing you CAN be helpful but in actually putting your shoulder next to someone who is struggling and "pushing" along with them.

When asked "Why do you do such and such?"

My answer is twofold:

1. Because I CAN;

2. Because I WANT to.

Folks, it's not just about re-painting and re-purposing furniture or making a Spring basket!

To me, it's infinitely more satisfying to see a "student" excel than to "top out" myself. One day, I'll be a memory, but a little of me will continue on if that student chooses to pass on "the help & encouragement factor". You can never underestimate the far reaching arms of the encouragement factor.

Now, let's go forth and encourage!

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