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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Floppy Flower Container for Baby

Gifts for new babies abound. They are everywhere and are cuter than I ever remember, so when I say I must run pick up a few supplies to make baby gifts for three new arrivals, my husband used to question, "Why don't you just buy something already done? Why do you have to make something?" Good question. Why, indeed? Answer? Because I LIKE making things for people. When I am making something for someone, I am thinking about them the whole time I am crafting...it's just a special action taken for someone in particular. Now, that's out of the way...let's look at the little Cotton Ball and QTip Holders.

I found these simple containers at Big Lots. They were stackable before I put icing on the cake by adding the floppy satin flowers.

I made them using Jones Design Company's directions. Go here for complete tutorial http://jonesdesigncompany.com/. I bought 1/2 yard each of polyester Satin pink and ivory. I cut three size squares (roughly): 3", 2" and 1 1/2".

Using scissors, I rounded off the edges of each square. In her flower, Jones Design Co., used three layers...I used 6 (ever the "over the topper). Then, using tongs, I held each square over a lighted candle until the edges melted and curled. Hold shiny side facing you and be careful. If the fabric burns, catches on fire, or melts too much, let it cool a bit and cut it off and begin again. This only happened once to me. I wouldn't do this with children watching...they might get ideas...

Your petals should look like the picture below after stacking them in place.

I stitched the layers together using a needle and heavy thread and while stitching added little seed pearls in the center. You can make these flowers as large with as many layers as you want. I wanted them slightly floppy for the topper, but not so big that they got in the way of opening the container. I wanted them pretty but practical. Centers could be old jewelry or anything you'd like.

Before adhering the flower to the top with hot glue, I added three small green felt leaves. Then I added a bow made of 4 or 5 different ribbon of varying widths and colors around the neck of the container. I had tiny cards that I tied on and put a sparkly initial and tiny bow for each baby.

Now the containers are filled with cotton balls and Qtips and ready to be used for the everyday tasks of keeping baby clean! When "baby" days are over, the ribbons can be removed and used other ways and the container will still have a floppy flower on top!

I hope the moms enjoy using these gifts as much as I enjoyed making them for their new little cherubs! Wonder what a whole pillow made like this would look like? Hmmm....I see another trip to Hancock's in my future. See more Floppy Flower items here.

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Blessings and peace to you today,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How cute, Angela. I wish I needed to give someone a baby gift!

Grannys Attic said...

Angela, They are so pretty! I am like you I love making things for gifts too! I think it means so much more to the receiver and myself. Have a great week. Blessings, Vicky

danman49 said...

So cute and always more precious when someone makes it for you!!

Mary said...

These are so cute! I'm going to try to make some of those flowers, thank you for the tutorial and thank you for linking to Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week! Mary :O)

Sheryl said...

LOVE this!! I made them a little smaller and put a barette on the back of them!! (since my little girl doesn't have any hair I'm just putting them on headbands for now.) They are soooo cute!! Great idea!

Kimsey McCormick said...

We love, love, love them!!! You're the sweetest :)
Thanks so much!!!