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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

So ends the weekend...it has NOT been a restful one. Too much to do and not enough time to do a few things I really wanted to do...except the little tissue holder, and I did have fun at a bridal shower this afternoon. They did it the "old fashioned" way...let the BRIDE open her own gifts! I loved it...I'm not too much on the hostesses opening the gifts and others browsing around. Call me frumpy but as a bride, I LOVED seeing what I got and from whom. I enjoyed being able to ooh and ahhh and say a personal thank you. I know, I know...move on, sister.

On another note...there was much tissue paper thrown away at the shower...oh, would I have loved getting my hands on it! Some really pretty patterns...oh, well. I think I may need professional counseling on the tissue paper hangup I have. (lol...friends.)

I have enjoyed a few quiet minutes of looking at other blogs. Such great ideas and such nice people may be found on these blogs. I really would like to thank those who are so kind to share their creativity and ideas with others. Debbie at DebbieDoo's is hosting a Newbie Link Party and I hope you will attend. The button is on the right side with her picture! Just click on it and see all the new blogs on the block!

Monday is nipping at our heels...let's don't "wish" our life away by gazing toward Friday. The month of LOVE begins this week...maybe we could focus on that instead. Remember: "the greatest of these is love." I'll be putting on some fun posts this week...until then,

Blessings and LOVE to each of you,


Amanda said...

Blog looks good! I usually read your posts in Reader and don't see the header! Linked to DebbieDoos and have seen cute blogs already. Thanks for telling me.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I sooooo agree about the gift thing...I had never heard about the bride not doing it herself until a few months ago. My daughter is getting married in July and I sooooo hope it's done this way at all her parties...open your own gifts and thank the person that gave you the gift.


Angela McInnis said...

Amanda, you need to link up the door decoration one. Linda, old habits die hard, but that's one that needs to come back in style!

The Petersons said...

I have never heard of the hostesses opening the gifts for the bride! I guess I'm just so small town! ;) But I do agree that the bride opening them is the way to go! I also loved opening each gift so everyone could see what it was and who it was from and be able to tell that person right then how much I loved it!

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog. love your creativity and faith. Judith, Alabama.