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Saturday, January 15, 2011

*No Trumpet Heard + New Take on Snowball Candle

I don't know about you but "epic" occurrences just don't happen to me every day. You know the kind. The ones that cause you to have a sudden paradigm shift in your thinking. Well, let me enlighten those of you who did not have the privilege of seeing the meteor or more correctly the aftermath of the meteorite last Tuesday evening.

I had just attended a Tuesday evening Bible study. It was 8:45 p.m. and I was traveling down a dark highway. Normally there are many cars on that stretch of road, but for some reason, there weren't many at all. I was keeping a sharp eye out for the errant deer that sometimes leap across the road. I turned on my CD player and realized that I had left Josh Groban's Christmas CD in the player...so I began singing with Josh. (I do that a lot. If you ever pull up beside me at a stoplight and I look like I am having a conversation with nobody, I am actually singing a duo with somebody. Just ignore me, the light will change soon.)

Just as I was hitting a high note in Angels We Have Heard On High, the entire earth lit up! Not like lightning, I MEAN LIT UP! Now what do you think I thought? Clues: 1. just left Bible study;
2. ENTIRE earth lit up; 3. singing Angels We Have Heard On High! I thought "this is it!" I found myself bracing for whatever came next...but nothing came next. My heart sort of lurched...was I (gulp) left behind?

I put the pedal to the metal (or whatever that inane saying is) and tried to dial the cell phone. Was the hubster still here? Thankfully, yes, he was.I turned into my driveway on three wheels, began blowing the horn, and jumped out of the car. "What happened? What was that light?" I shrieked! His answer, "What light?" Ok, I know I'm a little on the nutty side, but I saw a huge light! He looked at me like he always does before he shakes his head and mutters. To placate me, he said, "Maybe it was the search light for the prison." What!? Something that looks like a bomb went off on earth and he thinks it's a searchlight? Now, who's nutty?

I finally settled down and got into bed. I slept fitfully but the next morning when I checked FB, everybody was talking about the big boom they heard or the strange light. Ok, Ok...so now I know I am NOT crazy. But as I was driving to school I thought about what had happened and when I flipped back through the scenes that took place I realized something. I wasn't afraid during the explosion, I was calm, I was ready. It was the strangest blue haze that settled momentarily over everything. It was disconcerting but not scary. It was AFTER that I sort of panicked. What if I HAD been left behind?

That is a sobering thought and one which I have pondered all week. We might all do well to ponder that question, "Are you ready?"

A quick sidenote and speaking of church: I am excited to decorate for my church's Family Night Dinner this coming week. I made a dash to $Tree and came up with an abbreviated version of Megan's (Polish the Stars blog) snowball candles. to make these icy looking holders, you will need white tissue paper (about 2-3 pieces) for ten candleholders. (Tear the tissue into pieces. See below for size.)

You will also need rounded candleholders or bowls. They have two sizes at $Tree. I purchased ten of the larger ones.

Next to my Sephora Primer and my mascara, Mod Podge is my very favorite thing on the planet. I used Gloss for this project. Opening a new container was the highlight of the weekend.

Now, using a sponge brush, apply some MP and torn tissue until the holder is covered. If it wrinkles, all the better. Put two layers of tissue on some places, but not on all. Add a little more MP and sprinkle with clear or iridescent glitter. After this dries, apply a thin MP coat to hold the glitter onto the tissue. Glitter "fallout" drives me nuts. HOWEVER, the coat of MP OVER the glitter causes the glitter not to show up quite as well. It does make the glass look more like ice. Really neat effect!

Below is an upclose and personal shot with a real candle inside.

The picture below has a green cast, which I tried to Photoshop to no avail. Using "artificially lit" votives, does give a more yellow cast to the glass. So be aware, but it's not quite as startling as the pic below shows.

I will use light blue toppers on white for the coverings. I like to take a colored plastic tablecloth, cut it in half and turn it on "the diamond" to add punches of color on my tables. I am used to "doing a lot with a little", so this step is necessary. My base for each candleholder will be those large $Tree Snowflakes. I am sprinkling "snow" around the base of the holder. I even thought about using round white price stickers to add dots to the blue plastic topper for a dotted effect...not sure about that.

"How about them apples?!" (Old Southern saying...means...How about that? or Isn't that great, etc.)
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Libby said...

Very pretty!

Julie said...

I had a similar experience in Lompoc, California, about 39 years ago. A low rumbling noise woke me -- my first thought was "earthquake!" I got up to see if maybe a truck was idling outside the apartment. When I looked out - without my glasses on -- I saw a huge ball of fire hurtling toward the earth -- getting bigger and bigger -- "Oh, no, the Russians!!" I grabbed Steven out of his bed while Dave looked out and thankfully realized what was happening. The reason we were in CA (we lived in ND at the time) was for Dave to participate in a test launch of a Minuteman Missile from Vandenberg AFB. What I was seeing was a jettisoned stage of another missile -- which had been fired that night -- falling away from the missile -- similar to what we see happen when the shuttle launches. That was probably one of the contributing factors to my premature white hair.