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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Tuesday Transformations!

I've got tons of projects going on today...and it's the last day of Christmas vacation. I was so inspired by Dittle Dattle's organizational skills that I began a thorough purging at my own house...hmmm, that may have been a mistake! I've only just finished a segment of the laundry room, and I need to purge 3 more closets. I am showing you just a snippet of the laundry room purge...it was horrible and I can't believe I am actually posting this! My husband is appalled. I know, I know, respectable people don't live like this...but things just suddenly spiraled out of control!

Above: The Before: My Mini-Storage Area for much used paints and Cricut supplies.

Above: The After: Just a little reorganizing and re-purposing. Ahhhh, better! (NOT perfect, but better!)

Now for a quick look at a birthday project for one of my friends. (I think Miss Mustard Seed came up with this, I hope I am giving correct credits, I need to start writing all this stuff down!) First I purchased two glass candlesticks at $ Tree and 2 small glass vases. Superglued them together...thus, the glued together fingers from my FB post last night. (Another story for another time.) This morning, I covered the small white pillar candles with vintage music papers, tied on burlap & twine bows, made two prim tags and stuffed in some shredded music for filler and there you have two cute candleholders that can be used in several ways!

I hope you have a creative Tuesday and accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself...if you don't get everything done, remember that there's always tomorrow and you can use little snippets of time in which to accomplish segments of long-range goals! Don't be discouraged...a lifetime journey begins with one small step!


Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Thanks for the shout out! Your shelves look fantastic!! I had to look back at the before photo TWICE to make sure it was that shelving. Keep up the great work :D

Angela McInnis said...

Carrie, I wanted another shelving unit, but that idea was nixed by "you know who"...so I just did the best I could with what I had! I am normally organized, but during Christmas that shelf just got away from me... :o

danman49 said...

Very neat and organized! I love it!! The first picture is the way mine stays!!lol I love the birthday project! You really need to open a cute little shop and I will run it for you!!lol

hannah singer said...

Looks wonderful!
I am "taking care of business" here too! much organizing to do, during the holidays it all goes to...well, you know! Lol!

Allison said...

Great job with your shelf unit! And those candles look fabulous!
Thanks for linking up! Would you please add my button or a link to my blog some where on your blog?! Thanks!

Cherie said...

Oh Hey I LIKE those! Think Ill follow you for a spell to see what other beauties you come up with. Off to check out the rest of your blog.

Alison said...

great idea on the candleholders and the shelf after being organized gives me some hope for getting it together! Thanks! I'm visiting from Decor Chick's linky party!

The Teacher's Wife said...

Cute gift idea!
I bet you feel SOOOOOO good having all that organized so nicely!
Looks great!