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Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Dinged Up to Blinged Up: Decorating ReHab

I'd like to introduce you to my new friends! Below is Miss Beat Up from Trees 'N Trends fame. She just moved here from Hattiesburg. When she arrived she was in quite a state.

Her frame was a terrible mess and she had been tossed about so often that her "skin" was just peeling slap off! I found her quivering in a cardboard box. Immediately my heart went out to her.

So I paid her ransom of $5 (in her better days, she was $100) and she came home with me. On Saturday (during all that bowl mania) Miss Angie's Spa officially opened and we went to work on Miss Beat Up. First I repainted almost the whole picture, added leaves, added some touches at the bottom, used Distressing Ink, revitalized the frame, Mod Podged in a crosshatch direction and let her dry. I'm telling you, she was in heaven! I can't wait for you to see the results below!!

Now she sits right there looking over my shoulder as I do my blog posts! Since my favorite season of the year is autumn, I think it's a fitting location!

Moving along, please, meet and greet Miss Dinged Up also from Hattiesburg.

She was in such a state that I didn't know if Miss Angie was up to the challenge. Her body was some type wood and she was very heavy. (I felt for her immediately.)

To say she had some "rough edges" that needed sanding would have been charitable.

"How could she have let herself go like this?" I pondered. Such a waste! (We all know the drill, a little pecan pie here, a little too much eggnog at the office party and poof....) Well, I pulled out all the stops here and rolled up the sleeves of my flannel shirt and got to work. If I must say so myself, she is now quite the looker! Ta Da...Miss Dinged Up no more...meet Miss Blinged Up.

No more rough around the edges!

Beautiful tissue paper, Distressing Ink (wish they had that for humans), shading and shadowing here and there, Mod Podge (nectar of the gods) and there you have her! Ready for a new situation in life.

I was planning on turning one of these pictures into something Pottery Barnish, but I just couldn't do it...they both needed me and I rose to the occasion. However, there's one more fellow that was bought at the same time as the girls. He had wine bottles painted all over the place...HE is the candidate for the PBish creation. The Wino took a little longer. He had to be completely re-habbed. I took my inspiration from an old Pottery Barn catalog (see inspiration below).

This neat gem was 42x42 inches and a mere $339! But I loved the look...would look so Pb'ish in my office. So I began...

My er, wooden canvas, was 22x22 inches square. I used Gesso first to erase all tell-tell signs of wine bottle art. Then I covered the whole thing with khaki tissue paper. Using an old Creative Memories circle cutter, I cut out 36 black paper circles. And had the Cricut cutter doing overtime cutting out the letters and numbers. I divided the whole canvas into 36 squares and added a 1 " brown border. Then I Mod Podged everything, shadowed, Distressed and Mod Podged some more. Seven and a half hours later, he emerged a new man...see below and prepare to be bedazzled!

My new BFF's have all taken a pledge to NEVER return to their former lives...they like it here with me and I must say, I like them very much, too!
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Libby said...

These are great! What does John have to say now????

Angela McInnis said...

Oh, he's quite the art critic. He doesn't like the birds!

danman49 said...

Love, love, love all three!!!

Anonymous said...

These look great! I especially love the Pottery Barn knockoff. It's ridiculous how much they charge for pieces that are usually pretty easy to recreate. I would love it if you would stop by sometime and add these to my new link party! :)

- Megan

Angela McInnis said...

Thanks, danman! I loved doing all three! Megan, I will add this post now...thank you for asking!

MommaHen said...

awesome! great job!

Angela McInnis said...

Thank you, MommaHen! "Great" minds run along the same track!!

hannah singer said...

Angela, they all turned out beautifully!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Fabulous!!! I love it!!! I want to make one.

Angela McInnis said...

Hannah, thanks for the comment! I hope you are feeling better!

Angela McInnis said...

Kim, I appreciate your stopping by and commenting! I had great fun doing the last one! If I can do it, you can, too!

Amanda said...

Love these! I want to take the plunge and buy some Modge Podge simply b/c it is like a miracle substance for you...but it would probably stare at me if I bought it. Did you modge podge the whole piece?
So great!

KAT said...

I am really impressed!!! Love that you could "doctor" up the first two and love the PB remake of the 3rd (this one is actually my fav).... Wonder what you'll come up with next?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I featured your project! :) http://www.polishthestars.com/2011/01/link-party-monday_10.html

Erin said...

Oh my goodness Angela! You definitely outdid yourself. Repairing those art pieces, you did an amazing job! The tissue paper around the edges... genius.

And your knock off is AWESOME!!!!

You no doubt, are quite the artist! :)