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Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Are In "PREPARE" Mode

For those of you who don't understand the deep Southern part of the United States, let me enlighten you. When we (Southerners) hear the mere mention of "snow" we leap for joy, stay up all night to catch a glimpse of a flake and are enraptured with the thought of a real Snowman! HOWEVER, when we hear the words freezing rain or ICE, we panic.

As you know I am in the process of organizing the entire world with plastic containers..BTW, is it possible to breathe in too much something from plastic containers? Because if it is, I'm a goner. The people at Big Lots are beginning to give me strange looks when I come in for more containers...they sort of put their heads together and begin whispering. Back to subject at hand...I am trying to get all walk in closets organized and don't need the interruption of NO electricity for the next few days...see, that's what happens when we Southerners have ICE...NO electricity!

I knew the forecast was bleak when I heard Paul Bunyan, er, hubby chopping wood early this morning. Then I heard something rolling on the patio and looked out and what do I see? Paul, er, hubby rolling wood to the patio on the Red Flyer wagon..(the wheel barrow has a flat). He's already gone to Wal Mart and we are now the proud owner of a 40 lb. ham...pre-cooked, just sitting there waiting to be devoured by the starving unelectrified masses that will descend on our home...Wait! There are only two of us...but we learned our lesson during Hurricane Katrina...5 days without electricity permanently scarred us. We are such wimps, when I think of all those people who had their whole lives destroyed...what's 5 days without electricity. But it wasn't fun.

We now have firewood in the fireplace and matches close by. We are going to get ice for the ice chest and bottled water, just in case. All flashlights have appropriately sized batteries...we are widely known for having only AAA batteries. I am going to have to insist on a stash of Little Debbie's Snack Cakes...who can go days without needed carbs? And I am washing and drying all clothes, pulling down quilts (from newly stored plastic bins :( ), frantically dusting and cleaning JUST IN CASE we can't see what's clean and what's dusty. Does this make any sense to anyone? Only people from the South!


Julie said...

It makes great sense -- we are too dependent on electricity to keep our lives running smoothly. We're making sure we have kerosene and that the kerosene heaters are ready to use. I've got 2 pots of chili simmering. Now on top of all the usual electric things we depend on every day, we have to worry about FB and blog withdrawals during an outage. My first thought was that's OK, I get FB and email on my phone, but then I realized the phone would run down and I wouldn't be able to recharge unless I put it out in the car. When electricity came to rural Tallahatchie county, my great-grandfather insisted on keeping the wood stove too -- he didn't trust the electricity. I think he had a point.

Angela McInnis said...

See? For those of you who are used to this kind of weather...did you detect the "panic" in Southern Belle Julie's comment? Chili, kerosene...withdrawal?! I rest my case.