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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Revolving Decor Glass and Iron Tray

I admit it...when it comes to decorating I am rather fickle. Something I LOVE today...tomorrow? Maybe not so much. One way I soothe the savage decorating beast is to change vignettes within certain areas of my house. Some places stay the same all the time...I am completely happy with the arrangement...but there are some places that beg for a new dress.

It all began innocently enough. I went to a Southern Living At Home party and fell in love with this glass bottomed tray. Pretty but pricey. I passed, but I never forgot her. Then while browsing in Paul Michael's in Monroe, La., I spied her cousin...oval instead of round, but my heart did a doubletake. I couldn't get her into my buggy fast enough.

She moved right in and felt right at home on the end of my eating area bar. The quest began. What to dress her with...hmmm, something permanent or could this be the "county seat" of evolving seasonal decor?

With fall came colored leaves, bittersweet, abandoned bird's nest and candle. October brought added small pumpkins and November made way for an antique turkey collection with a cornhusk Pilgrim girl.

Gingerbread was my kitchen's theme and the little tray did her part to hold up under the intensity of the season.

Snowbabies, balsam fir candle and a vintage New Year's postcard welcome 2011 in style!
And along comes February, the month of Love!

I found the little tree, naked, at $ Tree. I spied the silk branch of flowers there also. 1+1=2 and there you have the crown of thorns clad Valentine's tree. The " Made in Japan" figure of the girl bearing a cake is one from my collection of figurines and the light pink doily was made by my mother in law. The love card is from a friend.

At the other end of the bar is another small Valentine's display. Another "Made in Japan" figurine makes her way into the mix and the bowl holding holiday cards is from my Secret Pal at school....loooove it!!!

I've used the tray as a base for a pewter bowl filled with lemons, as the home for a topiary, as a holder of mercury glass votive holders and a place of rest for seasonal napkins. It could be used as a serving device...now, that's a novel idea!!

Point of all this? Start with one versatile item and see how many ways you can re-purpose it!
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Blessings and love to you,


A Vintage Vine said...

It beautiful and you added such great stuff to it!

hannah singer said...

i LOVE your tray-i have the jamestown slah one-it is such a pretty and versatile thing to have! i love all you've done with it:) xo

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You have been very creative with your tray. Great find!

danman49 said...

Love, love, love all of it!!!

Amanda said...

I have the Jamestown SLAH tray and use it all year long, too! Loved your thoughts on my post from yesterday. Love that verse!