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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mod Podging My Way Through Life...A Gallery

I have been asked several times lately, "What's up with this Mod Podge obsession of yours?" Well, sit right down and get comfortable, I'd like to show you my gallery of Mod Podged items! I think you will have fun looking at what the sealer-glue-finish can actually do. Mod Podge is produced by Plaid. It's a pretty old glue gel and comes in several finishes depending on the look you desire. I have explained under each picture below the various components involved with the production of each piece...all held together by Mod Podge (aka: Nectar of the gods!!)
Every item on every item was adhered with MP and finished with the stuff, too.
Canvas, tissue, scrapbook papers, photos of several flowers and the vase, acrylic paint, ink.

Wood piece 24x24", Cricut cut numbers, letters & circles, acrylic paint, plain scrapbook paper.

Canvas, pictures of grandchildren run off on regular printer paper, acrylic navy paint.

Canvas, vintage pattern pieces, tissue, scrapbook paper, Gesso, acrylic paint, cut outs from magazines, typed "sayings".

Small paper covered canvas, scrapbook paper, acrylic, tissue paper.

Same small paper covered canvas, newspaper, scrapbook paper, tissue for background, typed saying, acrylic paint.

Canvas, scrapbook papers, Cricut circles, large "r" notecard, pictures run off on printer paper.

Small paper covered canvas, tissue, acrylic, Gesson, typed sayings.

Odds & Ends

Small glass candleholders, Epsom salts, glitter.

Large glass candleholder, tissue paper, glitter.

Short candle, figured tissue paper, Epsom salts.

Large tray sprayed black and painted with acrylic paints on handmade paper.

Sale wooden plaque, scrapbook paper, Cricut fluorishes (cut apart), small stick on stones, Distressing ink.

Tissue paper, acrylic paint, small printer paper picture of granddaughter, corrugated cardboard, ink, typed sayings, vintage music, small paper covered canvas.

Small paper covered canvas, scrapbook paper, typed saying.

Canvas, acrylic paint, Cricut letters, bird, flourishes & hearts, vintage science book pages, acrylic paint and Distressing ink. To see the tutorial for this piece go Here.

Canvas, scrapbook papers, vintage music, handmade paper for edges, acrylic paint.

Canvas, scrapbook paper, tissue, typed saying, acrylic paint.

Canvas, handmade paper, scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, Distressing inks.

Canvas, Handmade paper (edge), printed tissue paper, acrylic paint, bubble wrap, raised felt border (disassembled), acrylic paint, Distressing Ink.

Canvas, tissue paper, vintage paper, acrylic paint, Distressing ink, raised felted border (disassembled).

Every item above was immersed in Mod Podge...matte or gloss...all were treated to the wonderful stuff! I'd like to know what you do with the greatest stuff on earth!
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Mod Podging my way through life,


Julie said...

Your artwork is inspiring -- makes me want to make something. My only experience with mod podge was a little project my granddaughter and I did about 12 years ago -- I had seen it in Southern Living. Tissue paper mod podged onto 3" or 4" stryofoam balls, then smudged with gold. I still have mine.

Phyllis said...

I want to come and "play" with you.....I love Mod Podge, also. Last year I bought an old lamp at a garage sale and cut out golf related pictures.....small ones, and glued to the lamp....then, covered with several coats of the "nectar".....a hunter green silk lampshade with a "hole-in-one" golf ball as the finial and it is fantastic. Your work is so interesting......thanks for showing us....loved seeing it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...that's amazing stuff...but I think you had a little something to do with it!

I am in love with your pumpkin! Too bad it's yours...I'm trying to not think about it. =)

Beautiful beautiful work...I'm in awe...because I really just work with fabric, but what you've created is stunning. Thanks for sharing over at Studio JRU!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

My goodness you are creative Angela! So many gorgeous pieces! You said you used 'printed tissue paper'... did you do the printing on it? How did you do that, I am interested in that! So happy that you joined us today! You do beautiful work!

Cindy said...

I have been known to grab my jug of Mod Podge when I run out of the gel medium! Wonderful stuff! I loved seeing all your different pieces...the patterns in the pumpkin and Christmas tree are perfect, and I am bookmarking those for further inspiration. But, I think you could seriously put all of them together in a little tutorial booklet - just a thought!


Diana said...

So many pretty pieces all in one swoop! I especially love your granddaughter blowing out the candle...so creative. I love mod podge. My first was a napkin covered reindeer that I still bring out every Christmas. All your work is just lovely.

Prairie Patch said...

Wow, I'm drooling at all your beautiful work. I'm just getting in to mod podging and scrapbooking and wow! Your work is amazing!

Tracy http://allthumbscrafts.blogspot.com

Heather said...

WOW, you are so creative!!! I just love the candleholders! How fun. also, your artwork is wonderful, too! So nice to meet you through studio jru! thanks for the tour of your work! have a great sunday - heather

Handmade said...

Love the pumpkin and the Christmas tree ♥