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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Help Me Help Other Bloggers!

I am adding to my "Blogs I Love" list every day. I hope you will look to the right on my blog and browse them. There are local ones and faraway ones, but all have lots to offer. Most bloggers I know really work hard to present thoughts and projects for you to enjoy. I hope you will become a "Follower" of the ones that I like, link to others and let us know about the ones you find. Hey, folks, we are all in this life together....let's help and enjoy each other!!

I am determined to find out how to have a Blog Party...you will enjoy this and I am researching how to set one up. It's like going to a party without having to dress up or leave your home on a winter's day!! Details forthcoming.
Don't forget the December Blog Giveaway...Dec. 18th. Hope you will sign up as a Follower so you will be eligible. I LOVE my readers...even if you elect NOT to follow though. Thanks for spending time with me.

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hannah singer said...

Awesome! It is just too much fun blog browsing!
Here is a link of a great place to help you set up a "blog hop"

love ya! Happy Sunday!