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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tissue Paper Bonanza & The Christmas Mouse

Will you indulge me for a minute or two? I must "brag" about my family.... I know when I post this it will forever change your mind about me but it's just a chance I have to take. Today we fed the family, exchanged presents and had a really good time this afternoon during our Annual Family Christmas.

(Now comes the terrible part.) When everyone leaves (if the celebration is at my home) I sneak out to the garbage can and retrieve the "wrapping paper bag". Ok, I know this is just "too horrible" for some of you, but let me explain. Those of you who regularly read my blog know I have a thing for tissue paper. It has a hold on me that I cannot explain...and knowing that the bag is in the garbage just makes me nauseous. Today while digging through the trash, I struck gold...because my family is a connoisseur of tissue paper. There, I bragged. But this year they outdid themselves. Every year I don't see how they can do better and they never disappoint when it comes to their selection of tissue! (I am truly sorry if you don't have this gene in your family gene pool...it's just something you will have to try and live with.)

The only problem with them as opposed to me is that I can't part with the paper...they can. So they are careful with it and gently toss it into the bag...they know what I'll be doing as soon as the house is back in order...I will be at my ironing board ironing every piece! Yes, Virginia, you CAN iron tissue paper at Christmas and every other time of the year.

Just set your iron on hot (no steam, please) and iron away. I have all kinds of tissue...vintage, holidays, hot colors, muted baby shades, every color of the rainbow...they all laugh at me at school....however.....when somebody needs tissue for an impromptu gift...where do they always come? To yours truly.

Today I am the proud owner of probably 40 0r 50 new sheets of tissue...lime green with silver sparkles, polka dot, shiny red damask, Vintage Santa, silver...on and on. I posted a smattering of my new stash and hope you are as impressed as I am! Queen of the Tissue Paper Realm, I am!

Other fun little items for your perusal are "The Christmas Mouse" cookies I made for Granddaughter Gracie's school Christmas Party. If you look closely, the head is a Hershey's Hug. The body is a stemmed maraschino cherry dipped in white chocolate . It has two sliced almonds inserted between the head and body while they are still moist and I added red gel eyes and nose. The entire mouse sits on a white chocolate dipped Oreo. (Of course, you can buy the already dipped Oreos to make your job a little easier...I've also done these in regular chocolate.)

One last thing is this color combination I came upon while "dumpster diving" in my garage and thought you might like it to...the moss green ribbon with the lime green paper really appealed to me! Hope you like it, too!


danman49 said...

Angela, what a great idea with tissue paper! And the Christmas mouse is so cute!!! And it seems so easy to make! If we have time, Kaylee and I might try it! Thanks for sharing! And your idea about the tissue paper is excellent!! I will remember that!!

Rebecca Russell said...

The mouse looks like the one in room 142! You are TOTALLY The queen of tissue paper and impromptu birthday cheesecakes!!!! Thanks again :-)

Angela McInnis said...

Thanks, danman49! You and Kaylee would have a great time! And RR...you are the birthday RockStar today! Happy Birthday!

very merry vintage style said...

Very cute... love the little mouse and the color combination too! Thanks for linking up to my party...

Angela McInnis said...

Mary, I had a great time!