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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowbabies and After Christmas Chatter

A little "after Christmas" whining is due. I really need a separate formal dining room. Now, in the greater scheme of life, no dining room is not really a big problem, but in my smaller scheme of life, it limits me greatly. Alas, it is what it is and that's all that it is. Frequently changing the scheme seems to be the only way I can use the dishes and accessories I've collected over the years. And I DO love dishes! (Once, in my former home, one of the cabinets literally pulled away from the wall because of the heavy load it bore! Oops...)

My sister tortures me about my love of all things "dish" but never daunted, I press on. Always on the look out for a few pieces to add to my collection. For this winter (January - February) I was thinking about pulling out the Green pieces and replacing it with Blue Willow. Emptying the china cabinet will be a job, but I'm just thinking here. I rid myself of most of my white ironstone (yikes!) now I know that was a mistake...the mistake was not in acquiring the green, but getting rid of the white. Maybe a few well placed pieces of some new white would coexist with the green!

I also want to pull out my little Snow Babies...my mom and I both collected them and I'd like to do a display and maybe a tablescape using them for January at least. Below is the beginning of what could become a pretty wintry table...maybe later. Right now, it's just CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!

That was yesterday morning...this is now...before I even finished un-decorating the house, I was "fluttering" as my husband calls it...moving things about in the china cabinet. I replaced the green with white. I used my brown transferware as a backup. I have some pieces of ironstone left and a little milkglass...after working for almost 2 hours, I realized...I didn't like the look. I LOVE the look in everyone else's cabinet...why not mine?

After pondering, I realized that I have too much exposed wood in the kitchen and dining area...so white looks well, really white. Back to the green and the brown transferware. Then I started pulling out the Snow Babies...much better effect...why? They are cream rather than white.
See below? White votives vs. cream Baby. Hmmm?

In addition to taking down the decorations that would fill 12 boxes, I made the Epsom salt candles (see above and below) as featured on Megan's "Polish the Stars" blog and tried covering candles with tissue paper as per "Confessions of a Plate Addict."

Went to Wal Mart for after- Christmas looking and found all their pillar candles on half price. I got nice fat ivory scented ones for $1.25. The tall skinny tapers are priced at 25 cents.I also picked up "mercury glass" silver acorns for $1.00 each...can't wait to use them next year.

Notice, I used a "snowflake-like" tissue that darkened the ivory candle some and then added the Epsom salt and Mod Podge around the top. I added different effects to each candle. Below, is the result of the tissue paper cover...I used dark green plaid, I like the effect.

And do you see my faux pas? Three metals combined + candles and lamps...my point was the candles and Snowbabies anyway! I'll get that changed pronto.

Another of my treasured possessions is the little black stool from my mother in law's house. On it I set a Mississippi Choctaw Indian basket, filled it with the same green berries I used on the hutch and plopped a feathered nest filled with golden eggs.

I kept seeing pretty glittered letters on everybody's stockings this season...guess why? They were $1 each at Wal Mart...now 50 cents! I love a good deal. Several pricey stores had them displayed. Just attach to the top corner of the stocking and let it dangle...cute if you don't have names already on the stockings.

BTW: I am participating in Metamorphosis Monday, please check out the party. There is a button on the right side! Click there! Enough chatter. I am armed with Windex and Pledge. I am going to dust every surface in this house before 8 A.M. Happy Monday all!


danman49 said...

Love all of it, Angela! Your home looks like the pictures in Martha Stewart's magazine or some other one I have seen......can't remember the name!!lol Just beautiful!!

Angela McInnis said...

Thank you, danman49! Martha would probably die if she read that!! lol!

Jennifer Rodgers said...

Loved this one and the blog about the nests....would love to know your "pattern" for those nests if you share! also, on your table in your McCarty vase are some branches of some sort. What did you use? I have the same vase and would LOVE to mimic it! Mom and I enjoyed looking these together!

Angela McInnis said...

Jennifer, hi! I got those branches at Trees and Trends and they were a little pricey...I usually go to HobLob and pick up stuff on 1/2 price but I wanted a grayer tone and when I saw them, I knew they were perfect. I got them last year...they may still have some. Do you have a T & T there? Let me know and next time I go to Hattiesburg...I will look for you. I'll send you my "made up" directions for the nests.

Rebecca Russell said...

Love the new sno-ball candles!!! Bring one to work to impress us :-) Just think...8 more days of freedom, whooooo hoooooo!

Angela McInnis said...

Rebecca, they were so easy! Just good old Mod Podge and Epsom salt! You do have to do a final MP coat to seal in the salt! Lovely when lit!