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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Navigating "White Waters"

Some days are easier to navigate than others. Today has been like white water rafting...up, then down...trying to stay the course when faced with trying times. I am NOT good at setting boundaries...I want everyone to behave and to enjoy life and to try as hard as they can to make the climate in their homes and on this earth, better. When the inevitable happens and these people don't live up to my expectations, I always seem to be saddened and surprised. At some point in my existence, I hope to see the inevitable happen and realize immediately that human nature being what it is, is sure to disappoint and I'd like NOT to be shocked!

Taking the curve balls in life in a graceful and dignified way is a goal of mine. Surely by the time I have reached my 6th decade (+1 yr) I should have arrived at the point of not taking things so very personally. When a child is mistreated or bullied by others, or another adult is made fun of, ridiculed or snubbed, when people steal others' possessions, when pain or suffering is heaped on a family...I still find myself very indignant. This quote is very true..."The man who cannot be angry at evil usually lacks enthusiasm for good."

I guess the only thing we CAN do is to "keep on keeping on". we cannot quit trying to do what is right and we certainly cannot quit helping others....but I find it more difficult the longer I do those things...maybe I am expecting too much from others and NOT enough from myself or visa versa...I've already said I am not good at boundary setting.

I guess the old adage "There isn't a man alive who is as good as he knows he ought to be" applies to us all. I know one thing, some days are just tough and when those days occur, chin up, don't be weary in well doing...sunshine follows the rain. (BTW: You DO realize I've just let you "listen" to me talking to myself, don't you?)


hannah singer said...

thanks for sharing this valuable conversation(you had with yourself) ;)

danman49 said...

Thank you Angela! I needed to hear those words this morning! I have been feeling down about a family situation and you put it in perspective for me! We do have to keep on keeping on, but it sure is hard sometimes!

Angela McInnis said...

Yes, it IS hard. Seems like the older I get, the harder lots of things get! But, press on, Danman49...you can do it...not by yourself, but by the constant presence of the Holy Spirit.