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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time Is On MY Side... Sometimes

Ok, I need to cover several items on the agenda today... read the first three. Warning: #4 isn't for the faint of heart...I am venting there.

1. Attended the out of town basketball game of #1 Grandson last night...he got to play and ride home with me. We had a great fun time. Hard to believe he is a teenager.
2. Hubby and I went looking for a chair and half "sleeper" today...no luck.
3. First BHS Chili Cook Off went very well. We had 13 contestants and I placed 5th...not the best but not at the end either! Thanks for your encouragement and help...were you aware of the fact that ground chuck is now $3.19 a pound?! (We could have used a Porterhouse.)

4. Now, may I vent? Click off if you don't like venting...I'll do better tomorrow... I promise...but today, I think I must vent or explode.

THE MOST annoying statement that anyone can make to me is "Girl, you have WAY too much time on your hands!" It happened again yesterday, and I just went bananas internally. (Very uncomfortable with all that chili.)

Now, on my way back from Louisiana today, I figured out that we are ALL given 168 hours a week (except for this week when we set the clocks back 1 hr.) I also carefully figured all the things that I HAVE to do each week...you know, sleep, work, etc. and that comes to 127.5 hours that MUST be spent doing things to survive and help my family. That leaves me with a whopping 40.5 hours a week to do what ever the heck I want to do...divide by 7 and that's 5.8 hours a day. (When I had a child at home, this time was much less....like maybe 0, so I've paid my dues.) Warning: The above statement is particularly annoying coming from anyone 30-40 years my junior.

We all know that most times the unexpected happens, and there are days we literally do not have even 1 hr. of our own, much less 5.8! But generally, if we take a few minutes here and there they should total between 4-5.8 hrs. a day for ourselves...the problem here is that most of the time, those hours are scattered and occur here and there, not lined up in a sequential line of time.

When those rare days that you DO have some extra time on your hands occur, what do you do with it? Watch TV? Use the computer? Text? Hunt or fish? Movie or shop? Get your hair or nails done? Plan or get ready for events? i.e. Chili Cook Off, Thanksgiving for 25-30, Christmas for family, Bible lesson for Church, items to be sold at school bazaar....hmmmm...????

Now, I'm going to say it and make it very clear...Everyone should do with their 4-5 hrs. whatever they want to do with them, and please, don't question what others do with theirs. If I need more time in a day, then I rise earlier...a lot earlier...like 3:30 or 4 AM. No can do? Well, if I am willing to rise with the chickens, then should that be counted against me...like I am a little person who just sits all day twiddling her thumbs, thinking up projects to tackle? (At least, not every day.)

BTW: Some of us lead a very full life and actually enjoy doing things in our spare time. I have always lived like this...nothing has changed...I try to enjoy my minutes on the earth, and I think those who constantly repeat that phrase to others..."Girl, you have way TOO much time on your hands"... need to leave those of us alone who like using our time the way we want to. Now, go crochet a baby blanket or knit a sweater or bake a pie or exercise...oh, no, that's going waaay too far...not exercise! :) As Elvis would say, "Thank you, thank you very much" for letting me get that off my chest. BTW 2: I am off hormones, could you tell?


Julie said...

It seems that those who have WAY too much time on their hands are those who are busy-body enough to think someone else does.

stjthomas said...

Angela, if someone is saying you have way too much time on your hands. I am thinking THEY have way too much time on their hands if they have their nose in your business!!

Your MMK friend,
Susanne Allen Thomas

Angela McInnis said...

Nosey-Rosey! Ha. I feel better already!! Just don't know why it matters at all...thanks, you two!!

danman49 said...

I agree with the other two bloggers!! BIG Nosey-Rosey!! Very shallow and disrespectful!!

Sharon said...

Girl, we creative types all feel your pain! Hubby doesn't understand why I can't just sit and do nothing from time to time, but at least he supports my craziness and would never imply that my art and related activities are not important. I am blessed in that regard. Now as far as other folks go, that's a different story. Thank you for venting for ALL of us!

Angela McInnis said...

I sometimes say things in the heat of the moment and regret what I've said...young people do that, too...I need to take a higher road, but when you hear statements that denigrate what you do, it really does hurt. As my mother would say, "Move on." Thank you for the words of encouragement.

nymuss said...

Your mom also used to say, "if someone snobs you, hold your nose up so high that if it rained, you'd drown"!!
I look forward each day to reading the musings from your heart! Please don't let anyone bring you down. Your blog is a special place for those of us that know you and love you to use some of our 4-5hrs./day to recharge! love and hugs!!

monicamedwards said...

Usually when someone says "you've got way too much time on your hands" it's because you're doing something that they can't or are too lazy to do. Think of all the things the world would be missing if some people didn't use their free time to DO things.