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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Rather Bizarre Bazaar Report


Four 7"x7" decoupaged canvases. (Original illustrations by Douglas Gorsline.)

Two 8"x10" plaques of old fashioned Santa and a glittered snowy village. Both decoupaged with various papers and shadowed with added sentiments.

12 Metal Tree Ornaments with red silky bows.

All will go to a small upcoming bazaar. I've decided the gingerbread house decorating might push me over the you know what...decorating my own house is, at the moment, more important. So with the decorated leather frames, plaques (I have 4 more to go), ornaments, several note tins and clipboards...this might be it this year. I think I might be losing my gusto for bazaars :(


Emily said...

I've come to the conclusion that a lot of what I thought had to be done, really doesn't.....and nobody really notices that I didn't do it! You think we may be getting a little wiser in our "mature years"?

Rebecca Russell said...

I am ready to shop!!!!