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Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome to My Virtual Tour: Part I

Pictures: Top (Nativity in dining area);
Hutch (Dining area); Centerpiece (Dining); Woodland Animal tree (dining); Mantel (Living Room); Candy cane tree (Living Room).
Welcome to some creative Christmas decorating ideas. Christmas is a very favorite time of year for me...I certainly try to keep focused on the true meaning of the year, the birth of Christ and I also love decorating for the season.

I must admit that I like to change "themes" over the years and each year I like to do something a little different. The theme pictured used Candy Canes as a beginning theme.

I will probably have to complete this "tour" on another post. I don't know how much of my allotment of space I am using.

I normally don't do a lot of Santa Claus in my decorating, but this year the colors lent themselves to the jolly ole elf, so there he is on the mantel! I love the red mesh with white stripes and lime green was my second color. All large bows were made of mesh with some combination of other ribbon added.
When decorating a small house, a pencil type tree is needed. After decorating this one, red and lime polka dot ribbon bows were tied around the large candy canes...looked much better. Notice how the white snowflakes add much needed light and sparkle to a tree that has lots of solid ornaments.
The dining room tree is a "woodland animal" themed tree. Lots of birds and sparkly reindeer among other animals were sprinkled throughout. Last year, turquoise and copper were used as the color scheme, but this year red and gold were the color choices. The tree skirt is burlap. Bows are green and red plaid and lime mesh. Dining table centerpiece is simple: "birchbark" candle, two deer and greenery with pinecones and a red bow. The table runner is red and gold damask.

The hutch has assorted gingerbread items and holiday items inside and out!
I will continue the tour of the kitchen on the following post. Remember if you'd like to post a picture of your tree, email me and let me show your tree to our bloggers.


stjthomas said...

So beautiful!! Thanks for posting!! Can't wait to see the rest...


hannah singer said...

Gorgeous! Such beautiful and festive designs! Thanks so much for sharing, Angela:)

danman49 said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

Angela McInnis said...

Aw, shucks girls...it only took about 48 straight hours to do...I truly feel for the people at Opryland and Disneyland...how do they do it?!(Of course, there are hundreds of them and only one of US!)

cindy said...

That is one crazy big bow on that tree!!! :-)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Such a lovely tree :)