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Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Twas the night before the great Chili Cook Off..."

Don't have much time to post tonight. I just finished the chili for the Chili Cook Off at school tomorrow. I am exhausted...and almost broke. Chili ain't cheap anymore!! It turned out very well...has just enough "bite" to it and even if I don't win, I have enough to feed Cox's Army.
I have a little secret ingredient that I will share when this is over...I used a good friend's recipe and must give him all the credit! (I've driven him and his wife nuts over the last few days with questions.)

This afternoon I got all sorts of opinions on the type kidney beans to use...everyone who came down the aisle and heard the grocery store manager and I discussing kidney beans had a thought on the subject. (Probably..."Who is this creature and what on earth is so important that she is reading the ingredients of every kidney bean can on the shelf?") I settled on a type that I will reveal when I tell my "secret" ingredient...Miss Anonymous came up with the bean type and it took a visit to three stores before I finally found them.

Anyhoo, the chili's in the pot and I'll close with this old quote, "A girl can win a man with the smell of perfume, but she can't keep him without the smell of good food." Do I hear an amen?


Mary said...

AMEN!!!! Best of luck:)

Rebecca Russell said...

HAHA! AMEN! Thanks so much for doing the chili-cook-off with me. I think everyone loved it, and we had plenty of chili :-) Be safe on the way outta town!