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Friday, November 26, 2010

Virtual Tour: Part II

Kitchens are great fun to decorate. There are so many little places to use your decorating themes.
Top pictures are counter vignettes...gingerbread boy cookie jar and cute gingerbread items. The tall glass lidded jar is filled with red and white balls and a gingerbread man...topped off with the polka dot ribbon that I mentioned earlier. Several lidded cake plates are used....this one has a gingerbread house underneath.
This is the year for the old aluminum sparkly wreaths like the one over the sink...in lime green. Tied on are polka dot and stripe ornaments. Bow is stripe mesh...oversize candy canes fill in the top area which houses a yelloware bowl collection...adding strings of "cranberries" as a swag is also an option. Even the banana bowl got a bow :)
The plate or bowl holder is an Amish piece from Lancaster, PA and holds old bowls filled with ornaments and peppermints. I hope you enjoyed this "decorating" virtual tour! I was so tired when I finally did this post that I could hardly type!! ha ha ha ha...oops, I meant fa la la la la!


hannah singer said...

Love it all! Mama does lots of gingerbread decor too;) she even has that cookie jar!
In my future homeowning life(apartment is small!), I hope to have a few trees with different themes throughout the house. I seem to have lots of reindeer things, but love candy canes and gingerbread! Part of me misses working at the country house, decorating tons of trees and working with so many amazing themes!
Thanks for the inspiration!
(also, is that a slah jamestown tray?)

xoxo we MUST get together-Mississippi 2011 here I come!

Angela McInnis said...

No, the tray was a GREAT find at Paul Michael's. If you wait long enough somebody comes along with a knock off...my trouble is waiting...but you can't beat the price and it looks very much like SLAH's. (However, I have never found better made merchandise that SLAH. Their stuff is wonderful.)

pat said...

As I sit here in my ratty robe and scruffy slippers, I'm inspired to get up and decorate.........and then my sanity returns and I remember the grand kids throwing things and otherwise destroying my house. So, I'll get out the pencil tree, place it in a safe corner, and decorate as usual....maybe soon. And I might even tie a few ribbons here and there. You ARE my inspiration.

hannah singer said...

Yeah, it looks so similar in the picture!

danman49 said...

So beautiful, Angela! You have given me inspiration to start decorating.

Angela McInnis said...

Pat, It's a great relief when the grandchildren pass the throwing stuff stage...mine actually helped me with the decorating this year! And danman, thanks and you better get it in high gear!!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful, Angela. My favorite thing to do when I get on the computer is check your blog. I LOVE IT.


Angela McInnis said...

Why, thank you very much, Anonymous "Lillian"! I'd like to come check out that little shop you are always showing the stuff from!