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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elvis Has Left the Building

When the time changes, do you keep saying to yourself, "The clock may say 8 PM but it's REALLY just 7 or 9 or whatever? It takes me a full week to quit going over that in my head. Tonight, I've been up since 2:30 this morning...(but it was really 3:30 AM). Went to church, visited and cleaned Daddy's apartment, picked up hubby's mom for lunch, and then picked up #1 Grandson to make sure he had his research for a paper he's doing...after that, I began working on my school bazaar items. I've got some cute things which I will post later. But all the while, I was doing the "it says 5 but it's really 6 number." Driving myself nuts is what I'm doing.

I am one of those weirdos who like this time change...I like to be in the house early in the evening and out of the house on my way to work when the sun is shining. But I am a creature of habit and it takes me a while to adjust. Anyway, I didn't plan a blog for today, just thought I'd check in, say hello and tell you that even though it's 9:41, it's really 10:41 and it's been a very long day! Elvis has left the building...I'm on my way to bed.


hannah singer said...

I'm a weirdo and like it too:) and it takes me at LEAST a week to adjust!

danman49 said...

Angela, how in the world do you keep going that long??? I would have passed out by 1:00 in the afternoon!!! When is the school bazaar and is it for the public? I hope you got a good nights sleep last night!!lol

Greer said...

I'm glad that you like this time change--Martha Ray says she like it too. I, however, hate it--there is no rhyme or reason for it to get dark at 5 o'clock!! And, yes, i do that time thing in my head too--it is annoying. Sometimes I never change my watch or car clock so i can dream of March when it changes back!! Thank you--thank you very much!!

Angela McInnis said...

Hannah, we need to start a club...the weirdo weather girls....Danman, I'll message you with details.....Greer, where have you been? I miss your comments, thank you very much.