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Saturday, November 20, 2010

All In A Day's Decorating Work!

To me, it is quite satisfying to help somebody decorate their home for Christmas. Today was just such an experience. A sweet teacher from school and her husband just moved into a beautiful older home and will spend their first Christmas surrounded by walls that have encased many special moments of many special families in that old house.

Pictured above are the fruits of our labor. The tree with the red bow features Nutcrackers galore and dark blue and red balls. The red mesh is so wonderful to work with! I make the bow and use twine to tie it to the top of the tree. The tendrils of red mesh are positioned vertically to give fullness.

I love, love, love the candy cane tree in the dining room! White and red mesh bow and tendrils wrapped diagonally (homeowner's suggestion) give it a "whimsical" look...and notice all the candy cane elements! Super pretty.

The mantel was swagged with pine and white lights and flanked on either end with the most beautiful red and green glass vases. We filled in with magnolia leaves and then positioned all my friend's nutcrackers. She has a wonderful collection, and they were placed at attention all over the living room.

This is a perfect example of using older decorations and giving them new life with the addition of fresh and modern elements i.e. the mesh. Lay out everything you have and pick and choose. Use decorations in new ways in new places. It really perks up the decor. We finished the morning with a ham sandwich and a hug, and I was on my way! Love working with cooperative fun people....


danman49 said...

Beautiful Angela! I love all of this!!!

Michelle said...

Awesome! Great job Mrs. Mcinnis!