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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friends + Holidays = Funtimes

Had a great time with friends today! Started out with the Christmas Open House at the Carmelite Gift Shop. The Shop is located in a historic home on Terry Rd. in Jackson and has been in operation for many years. Last year I bought a creche and Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger. Pictured are the 5" figures made by Fontanini, fourth generation crafters of Italian Nativities. The figures are crafted in Bagni Di Lucca, an Italian village in the hills of Tuscany.

This year I added the two shepherds. A good friend gave me the three sheep last year as a surprise and remembrance of my first purchase of Fontanini. Beautiful items at reasonable prices are the order of the day there. Baked goods, ornaments and handcrafted items abound. (See handcrafted card...love it.)

Moved on to The Outlet on Northside Drive. Super fun shopping at good prices. (This is an outlet of "at West End".) Pictured are bars of the most wonderful smelling soap on the planet! "Sea" by Essence. Great decorative items! From there several other stops and then out with hubby to look for computer desks. I am "redoing" the computer room and am having a hard time finding exactly what I need in the way of a desk.

Pictured also are some leather frames I've dressed up for a Christmas bazaar. Think I will make gingerbread houses and gingerbread boys to sell also. Nothing smells better when cooking!!

I am blessed with funny, smart friends. We didn't have lots of spare time today, but the time we spent was refreshing and fun! Little holiday outings are fun...no heavy shopping...just a little buying, laughing and browsing. Thanks for nice holiday memories, ladies!!


Libby said...

I was great fun! All my work is still staring me in the face, but oh, well! I'm in the Christmas spirit!

hannah singer said...

What fun! Love all your goodies! xo

Mary said...

I LOVE those frames!! Fun with friends is the best:)

Angela McInnis said...

Yes, Libby YOU were great fun...I know you meant "it"...ha, ha!! Hannah and Mary, I still say it would be great if all FB friends could meet some day...wouldn't that take a town by storm?

danman49 said...

Good friends are a blessing!! What nice things you shared with us!!

hannah singer said...

Yes! Let's plan it!
(seriously, I really hope to visit soon!)