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Friday, November 12, 2010

Holidays Are Heating Up Around Here

Just so you will know that I am still alive and kicking...have had some "time" issues this week...you know, with all that extra time I have "on my hands" and all...but I will be back up and running this weekend.

Now I know that you can very definitely LIVE without reading my machinations everyday, but I truly like writing and sharing, so it makes me sad and a little "out of kilter" when I can't post. Tomorrow some friends and I are going to the Carmelite Gift Shop for the Christmas Open House. Last year I purchased a Fontanini Nativity set and I would like to get some pieces to add to it. I can't wait to show you what I pick up. I am also going to "The Outlet" in Jackson and will report in on that excursion tomorrow afternoon.

This next week will be a full one as I am "redoing" my computer room. Will post pics as I complete the project! I am also teaching a Mixed Media class. Will show results of that, too.
Talk to ya'll tomorrow!!


Scott Dennis said...

This next week will be a full one as I am "redoing" my computer room.

Sounds fun. Let me know if you need any help. I have LOTS of tie wraps for cabling -- I'm a big fan of good cabling.

stjthomas said...

Wow!! And that person thought you had too much time on your hands...I think we need to "pass the hat" and get some donations of time!! Have fun with your friends tomorrow:)

Susanne Allen Thomas

Angela McInnis said...

Scott, those cables drive me around the bend...so unsightly! I've used different things but none look worth a hoot. I might need your thoughts...STJThomas, I will have fun...post after I get home...started the reno on the computer room last night...ugh. Books EVERYWHERE!