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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dwell In Possibility... Reminder Board

Being a procrastinator at heart is a heavy burden to bear!! So this Spring Break, I decided to not let any grass grow under my feet...I jumped right in, pulled out my spring clothes from storage, filed, put several closets in order and perfected my cakeballs...another post coming up!

I have needed a small organizational board for quite some time. And this week was my time to decide on what I wanted...this was NOT to be an idea board...rather a small weekly reminder board. So off to HOBLOB..where I found this...

metal 11x17" piece for $2.50!

After scraping for 45 minutes (and effectively removing all traces of the prints on my fingers) I began the task of selecting a design...something simple that would not detract from the "reminders".
Brown, green and off white stripe for the bottom and lighter green with darker green dots for the top was finally decided upon. I adhered the paper to the metal board with Mod Podge and then covered the top with two coats of MP. Below is the finished board. I made and added magnets and grosgrain ribbon.

I bought 8 small round high powered magnets while at HL and attached floppy satin flowers with beaded centers to the magnets.(BTW: those magnets were so strong that I think they could have easily clipped onto my earrings!) I previously posted a tutorial on making the flowers....click here and here to see how.

I used an old science book to make the leaves and distressed them around the edges with distressing ink. I also beaded the center of the leaf's vein. Pic below is before adding beaded veins.

A couple of sayings were added and the pic above shows the detail of the little flower magnets.

Bottom right corner of the board will hopefully remind me to "keep on keeping on"!

A crochet pencil cup with glittered paper leaves was a last minute addition.

And last but not least, is the introduction of my brand spanking new business card attached with one of the floppy flowers!! Yahoo!

Total for entire project was less than $5...I had everything else "in house". NOW, I am going to see if there is a space at the Flea Market...I've got too much stuff and not enough space for it all. I'll let you know my progress on this undertaking.


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Hope your week is going well.

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How cute!!! I really like it!!!

Angela McInnis said...

Thanks and guess what?! You were my 25,000 visit to my blog!!! You are a "peach"!!