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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Using Up Your Mornings

Good grief!! I have an HTML problem today! Please, excuse all the spaces in this post. I've tried to determine what's going on...no can do!

I was recently talking to a class filled with 17 and 18 year olds.

I had them multiply their age in years times 365. They were to circle the product.

Then I informed them that the average life expectancy of most people

in the United States is 77 years.

If they are "average", God has allotted them 28,105 mornings (give or take).

I then informed them that it was just a blink ago

that I was sitting right there in their seats, thinking everyone over 30 was insane

and that I had tons of time left to do whatever the heck I wanted to do.

They were shocked to hear that I had used more than 22,265 of my given mornings.

The state of Michigan has an ad out saying that we are given 25,000 mornings and we ought to all come to Michigan to enjoy some of them there. That's what made me stop and ponder.

When you are on the 6,000 end, things look pretty rosey...however, the over 22,000 end...not so.

I have come eyeball to eyeball with my mortality.

While this post isn't a particularly cheerful one, it's a necessary one because I've used up more of my mornings than most people who are reading this.

I've learned many lessons along the way and I need to tell you the outcomes so that

(a. you can repeat those actions and have a happy outcome and

(b. you can run like the wind the other way and not experience a bad outcome.

Bear with me,

here are just a few lessons I'd like to pass on to you:

1. It is of utmost importance to NEVER give up...

the United States (what it stands for) and your family, your religious and personal beliefs,

your freedom must be fought for.

Yes, people who don't share those beliefs will snicker and laugh at you,

talk about you behind your back even,

but YOU DON'T GIVE UP standing for those principles which are good and right.

That trait MUST be passed on to your children.

2. So, how do you know what IS right? You have a book, it's on the shelf, it's called the Bible and it tells you what Christ has done for you, that there IS a plan for YOU as an individual, what is expected of you and the blessings and the problems that will come if you do or don't obey.

It's actually very simple.

If you have trouble understanding what is being said,

use the New International Version.

3. While money isn't the be-all and end-all of everything, and the love of it IS the root of all evil...

it makes things a little more comfortable when times are tough.

Spend wisely...

use what has been given to you and use your capacity to earn a living for good, not for evil.

Help others, with nary a thought of re-payment.

My father calls this the "redounding" principle.

This applies to not only money but certainly your talents as well.

This isn't easy, I struggle here.

4. Be grateful and express this sentiment in word and deed.

Being appreciated makes all the difference in the world.

Show people that you appreciate what has been done for you.

5. Listen to the advice of older Godly people...seek their wisdom and see how that advice lines up with the Bible...if it's in line...take it...

don't shun good advice because it's not exactly the answer you wanted to hear.

Many times people ask for advice when all they want is for you to agree with them.


President James A. Garfield was presented a slip of paper when he was young by an older friend,

he kept it always and cherished it until the end of his life.

Google Garfield "A Guide" and see what all is on list...

but two admonitions that struck me were these...

"Your character cannot be essentially injured except by your own acts.

If anybody speaks evil of you let your life be so that no one believes him."

How many more mornings?

It isn't too late...it's never too late until there isn't another morning.

Don't just exist...seize the morning...Carpe diem.

May you not waste another day,


Leontien said...

i don't have a big life lesson to give you, i'm still learning but i do like yours!


Phyllis said...

Wow....I am going to go back and read your post again. It is great information and advice....it is just that I did not absorb it all on the first read. I plan to have my grandsons read this, also.

You had mentioned you wanted to see my floral arranger when I dismantled it....go this...


Tricia said...

Wow! Wonderful post. I'm glad I kept reading your blog. A good friend of mine and I were talking today about this sort of thing - we are both in our 50s and were talking about how to make sure we are doing what is important. Sounds like you might live in MI. I have lived here for the last 21 years. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed week.