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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cakeballs Revisited

As I was pontificating on the negatives of cakeballs yesterday, I ran into a friend who enjoys entertaining and decorating as much as I do. "Oh, I've found something you must NOT try!" I implored. "They are called cakeballs...oh, hahahaha, they are just awful...blah, blah, blah!" She exclaimed, "No! I love them! I made them this fall and at Christmas and they were wonderful!"

"Surely you jest," I retorted.

And here is why hers were wonderful and mine were not...she used cream cheese instead of icing to hold the concoction together! When the balls were dipped into the white chocolate, she had a nice melding of flavors instead of the overpowering sweetness I encountered. She used a pumpkin cake mix with the cream cheese mixed in and dipped in white chocolate and red velvet cake with the same cream cheese introduced and then dipped. Well, duh!! That makes sense.

So before we all summarily dismiss these maligned little treats, I will try them again and report back to you! It's the least I can do after almost ruining their collective reputations on the blog.

I'm not afraid to say I MAY have made a mistake,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Brilliant! That make perfect sense. I think I might try it, then.....

hannah singer said...

very cool!
also on my list to try: