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Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative + Generous = Sharon Ivy!

I have been fortunate to develop some really nice friendships through my blogging experience. One of those friends is Sharon Ivy of Crooked Creek Studio (formerly Ivy Pottery). Just before Christmas I was excited to learn that I had won Sharon's giveaway...a gift certificate to be used toward a purchase of my choice of her pottery.

First, the only thing I've ever won in my life was a strapless bra at a wedding showcase back in 1970, so you can imagine my delight in winning something that could actually be shown to people! I waited until after the Christmas rush to select my pottery and after much deliberation, I chose a short, fat little pot that when thrown on the wheel, tends to collapse...well, this one did NOT collapse and it's mine all mine now!!! (Plus, I understand how the little pot feels...being short and er, fluffy, myself I know the feeling of almost collapsing upon myself. It was love at first sight!)

When I drove into my carport that wonderful afternoon and saw the gigantic box at my backdoor, I almost swooned. I leaped out of the car and hauled the box inside. I began digging through the tons of packing peanuts until I came upon the little pot. Packed to perfection, I unwrapped and unwrapped and unwrapped...there it was...just like I had imagined. Perfectly glazed, perfectly shaped, great heft...absolutely one of the prettiest little pots I've ever seen. Then I spied the card...such an endearing message and what to my wondering eyes appeared?

Another wrapped item....a beautiful matching jar with a leaf impressed on the front. I had loved it, too, but was so taken with the pot that I opted for it instead of the leaf jar...too much for my sensitive old heart. I couldn't believe my good fortune and the kindness that had been bestowed upon me.

Hubster comes in and asks if the box could be taken outside..."Yes, let me grab some of the packing to use for a project..." Just as I grabbed a handful, I noticed a THIRD item! The leaf imprinted vase to match the leaf jar was unearthed....NOW, THIS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES!!!

Here are my new little friends, sitting on my counter waiting to be placed in the perfect place in my office!
I carefully wrapped my new acquisitions to take them to school to show everybody (and Sharon, everybody LOVED them.)

This is my "school showing"...the plate on my desk behind the three matches perfectly.
There is something magical about being creative, but to be creative AND generous?! That's Sharon Ivy...a creative, generous artist and friend. Once again, thank you and I must insist that everyone who reads this post go immediately to her blog to see her beautiful items. Leave her a comment and let her know how much you appreciate her wonderful work!

Wishing you the blessings of friendship,


hannah singer said...

how sweet!
i love pottery and i adore those pieces!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a lovely prize! Sharon is very talented. I will visit her, Angela. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, Angela! I just saw your post and was sitting here blushing as I read it. You're so very sweet and I'm glad to have you as a "blog friend". I really like that plate. Can't believe it matches the other pieces so well. Thanks so much for your kind words. I so enjoy reading your blog!