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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Cloche Ideas

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life, is hosting a Cloche party. Click here to attend.

FYI: a cloche is a bell like glass jar that normally fits over small seedlings or plants to protect them in the garden...naturally, decorative ladies have re-purposed them to be used in many other ways.

I have been looking forward to participating in this party for weeks. So while the "hubster" aka Chicken Daddy (see why he's so named here and here) was fulfilling coaching duties at a track meet, I got busy and staged a mini "photo shoot"! Because he doesn't care for everything in the house to be pulled out and "staged" for a shoot, I had to hurry! These pictures are the result and I have left some of the cloches out for the spring...one thing about a shoot, it forces you to look beyond the ho hum and become creative!


Making cloches is addictive. Don't begin if you don't like cute-ness! It's also extremely contagious!

All these ideas should be incorporated into a vignette with other items strategically placed. I'm just showing the idea...how you use it is up to you!!

The one glass dome I have was too short and as I was diving into the "create it" closet, I remembered my large candle holder/hurricane, turned it upside down and viola! A cloche!

Idea: #1

Mushroom, fairy and butterfly cloche on a vintage cakestand.

Love my little fairies...I made them using the instructions from Sally Mavor's book Felt Wee Ones.

Cloche Idea #2:

Velvet bunnies, angel hair Easter grass and pastel yoyo quilt.

I found these beautiful velvet bunnies at Tuesday Morning years ago...They are a lovely addition to any vignette. Look how pretty the "bunny boy" looks when viewed through the old wavy glass.

Idea # 3: Bunnies with Blue Willow egg cups.

Silk hydrangea buds....I liked the egg cups so much I am using it in my dining area for a while.

Another use for the hydrangeas...a green mercury glass vase, layered with automatic votives (not the ones you light!) and Easter grass and topped with blooms...a little over the top? (Wait till you see the last one.)

Idea #5: Simple but cute.

Used my mother's old porcelain egg, added grass and little ceramic birds.

Idea #6: Nest, green Easter grass, berry wreath and birds. I like all things green.

Idea #7: Robin's egg blue

I bought this sack of eggs at Hudson's for $1.99! So pretty and not another one to be found! I just stuffed it into the upside down glass and put the cake plate underneath and flipped! Notice the pretty purple violets on top...that came with the eggs. $1.99? That makes up for the string of misfortunes I've had lately!! lol

Idea #8: Prim and Proper

For all those of you who love all things primitive, my two wool felted birds (Ebay); the yellow one is seated on a tiny yarn rug I punched and on one of my miniature books entitled Audubon's Birds. (He's probably spinning in his grave... Audubon was so NOT primitive!)

Idea #9: Chickadees...my favorite bird....
I know this one is simple, but I love the look. It has great possibilities. I purchased the little "Life's A Gift" tray at Cracker Barrel..."all things birds and nests" is my motto!

Idea #10: What a cute tomato!

Ha! Now I'm stretching it, but I had to show you my tomato pin cushion collection stored in a big ole glass Ball canning jar! I added quilt squares and a watering can on top! OVER THE TOP...this one was just for fun!

How about a few strawberries thrown in for good measure?
I hope you enjoyed my entry into the party and get out there and do some "cloche-ing" on your own!

I would also like to say "thanks" to my newest followers. I have "been under the weather" and haven't replied properly to your following. I will catch up soon. I appreciate all who drop by, read and even comment!

I am also linking up at Boogieboard Cottage, click here to attend.

May all your tomatoes be home-grown,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*le sigh* They are all so pretty!!! I like the one with the fairies one best! :D

Rosanne said...

All are lovely!

Carrie said...

Wow--I am amazed at the creative variety. They're all neat, fun & unique.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Artistique creativity. TY a mill for sharing.

Happy w/end & CP...

Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

hannah singer said...

wow! i need to gather goodies to make these!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how wonderful. Each one is so creative and imaginative. Love them all. Your cloches are stunning. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

Msartist said...

Hello Angela! Thanks for stopping in and following along with my blog. I love all the lovely ideas you have here. Hard to pick a favorite but I do think #1 & #6 are up there. I just love anything nature inspired!
Sorry to hear of your loss too.
I will try and visit often to see what you are creating~
Have a wonderful week ahead! Theresa

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Each and everyone of those is amazing. Thanks for sharing these with us. ~~Sherry~~

Terri said...

Every single one of your creations are beautiful! I have never done a cloche before. Thank you so much for all the inspiration.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are all so beautiful! I do not have a cloche...need to find one! ♥

gayle said...

Just what I was looking for: ideas for my Easter/spring cloche. I love including organic elements in my cloche. I especially admire the way the pink grass spills out of the velvet bunny display. Thanks, too, for reminding me to think outside the cloche.