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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Tips of the Week: I've Been Shopping!!!

Picture #1: An old sheet music book of Christmas Carols. (They are NOT normal size sheet music...smaller.)

Picture #2: An old rusted red metal rake head.

Now: Read #1 below.

Two or three things to let you know about!

1. This weekend I visited the Highway 49 and Magnolia Flea Markets. One of my favorite vendors was having a half price sale...oh, YAHOO! I found two things that I have ideas for, but wanted you to tell me what YOUR ideas are for these items...just comment and let me know what you think or comment on FB if you'd rather. I would like to use them for decorating at Christmas...but the rake could be used year round.

2. I have found some more blogs that I thought you'd like, so I am listing them under "About Me". Check them out...really cute, but very diverse.

3. I stopped by a place on Hwy. 49 in Collins, MS that I have often wondered about, but never have taken the time to stop. It's a big metal building on the left if you are heading toward Hattiesburg. It's across from the Antique Galleria on 49. The name of it is Shirley's. I didn't have high hopes when I entered, but it's really a neat place and I wanted to alert you to it. They carry tons of fabric and I love Premier Fabric and I couldn't believe how much they carried. All of the Premier is $6.99 a yard (plus 20% extra off until Sept. 11.) Very good fabric prices and lots of it. ..minky dot in all colors...also upholstery fabric. Also had all that colored stiff stuff that everyone uses for Christmas bows for their wreaths and trees. I don't know the name of it...looks like loosely woven burlap in beautiful colors...about 18 inches wide...7.99 and 9.99 per roll.

4. And THIS IS THE BIG NEWS....I just saw a colored leaf falling from a tree!!! Ya'll, really, I think Fall is breathing down our collective necks!!!!! Yay!!

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hannah singer said...

Yeah! FALL!! Although, here in north Dakota we kind of just have two weeks of it then BAM winter;)

Thanks for linking-you're linked on mine too!
Love also the picture below-beautiful!