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Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh, The Joys of Football Season

Nobody who knew me well could believe it! Angela? Marrying a football coach? What in the world is she thinking? As a high school cheerleader, I never knew what was going on in the game. I'd say "Yay" when the other team scored, I'd say "Boo" when my team did! I never knew what offense and defense even meant. I just liked shaking my pompoms and going to pep rallies. The game stuff was rather boring to me. So when my ever loving soon to be husband proposed (at the Liberty Bowl, no less) the fact that he was a coach didn't matter one bit. I'd learn to love the sport...or so I thought.

Now thirty two seasons later, I still don't understand the game. Wishbone, ham bone...I don't know what all that nonsense means. Wing T, buffalo wings...what is it about the game that is so enchanting? I've tried, heaven knows, but I just don't dig it. I can count on one hand how many games I've actually gotten to attend with my husband sitting next to me. If he were there in the stands by me maybe I'd have a clue about what's taking place. However, sitting in the bleachers sans hubby is NOT my idea of fun. I loyally attended all my son's games and my husband's for over 20 years and one day I woke up and thought to myself, "I can't go to one more game by myself. I'm staying home tonight." Guess what? They won even without me there! I guess I wasn't the lucky charm I fancied myself to be.

I DO know that coaches are a maligned group. Unless you've been married to one, you have no idea how many hours go into coaching young people to do what they are supposed to do so that their performance brings home a victory. Pre-game planning, washing uniforms, making bus reservations, packing equipment, handling injuries, practice, getting the team fed, weight lifting, listening to their wives gripe about how much time they spend away from home and then there's the game! I could get really personal here, but I won't. It's an interesting job, but it's also an extremely demanding occupation. I wish everyone understood that.

Once, my friend Greer and her family took me to Ole Miss to a ballgame. I got extremely carsick and Greer's mom gave me some Dramamine. It knocked me out and I slept with my head on her lap the entire game.. that was an omen. Now I don't have to take Dramamine, turn the game on the TV and I automatically fall asleep!!

Tonight is different. It is a really big game between Brandon and Pearl. A huge rivalry has developed since 1949 and it's a featured game on Fox Sports...it's nationally televised!
So tonight I want to wish the Brandon Bulldogs a victory. I have had a little power nap and eaten my supper. I am ready to watch the Ya'll vs. Us game on Fox Sports South. I will cheer every time I see anyone on the Brandon side cheer and I'll boo every time I see anyone on the Pearl Pirate side cheer. (I have figured out that much.) I hope my husband's linemen do their part to insure a Bulldog victory because I can promise you HE has done HIS part!! Go Dawgs!!

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