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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Tip of the Week: Colors of Fall & Peking Roast

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. I enjoy preparing the house and my workplace for it every year. I begin arranging early. The last week of August and all of the month of September, I use lots of colored leaves in my arrangements; October brings pumpkins to work into the mix and November must have the added turkey. (I will post another blog showing the transitions.)

In a recent article I noticed that David Bromstad of HGTV's Color Splash fame gave us the go ahead to mix in some new colors this fall. The colors he mentioned are some of my favorites, so I ran into Wal Mart and picked up some color samples for you to view. (See Pictures above.)

"...hottest fall colors for your home will be vibrant lemon and curry yellow, all shades of purple, dusty pinks, turquoise and grays," said Bromstad. The grays include dove, cloud and charcoal. And he announces that muted greens are the new neutrals. (I could have told you that five years ago. Look for #627 Dried Grass at Wal Mart. It's the greatest neutral green ever! Have used it and it's darker brother, Swallow's Nest forever and recommend it highly.) It's also an extremely durable paint. It looks great with ANY color. (Dried Grass is the top left color in the top picture.)

I also tried a new recipe that I'd like to share: Peking Roast (also from the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, MS.) Particularly easy if you use a Crockpot and marinate the night before.

Take any cut of beef & use a large knife to cut slits into the meat. Insert slivers of garlic &/or onions into slits. Pour 1 c. vinegar over the meat, cover and refrigerate 24-48 hours. Before cooking, brown the meat in oil until it is very seared (or brown). They cooked theirs on top of the oven in a black iron pot, but I used my Crockpot on low. Pour 2 c. strong black coffee over the meat. (They added additional water (2 c.), I just added maybe 1/4 c.) If cooking on top of oven, add water periodically.

Very juicy and tasty! Have a good weekend. Let me hear from you. I love to read your comments and they have been sparse this week!


Emily said...

Have had a very busy week so didn't get to read your blog everyday. I've just finished Thursday's, Friday's and today's. One made me thankful for angels sent to help us through everyday trials, one made me laugh out loud and the last made me want to go buy #627 Wal Mart paint and get busy! Keep up the good work,Angela!

Anonymous said...

I love to read all of your writning..they make me laugh..and some me think about all of the fun times u had when u were growing up and i think of some of the fun times i had growing up also..but it just seems your family was loving..caring and very sweet..where mine was different but all of our childhood memories are very different.. no 2 or alike..just keep the writings coming..have a good weekend..

Angela McInnis said...

Well, for awhile I thought I'd lost all of you with the "downer" in the middle of the week! That day was shortlived and I'm back in the saddle! I am so glad both of you enjoy my nonsensical twitterings! Life is just too short to be "down" for too long! Got to see humor in situations or else you'll be in a "downer" all the time! Thanks for your comments.

Pat Jones Hitt said...

I love all your "twitterings." This one is especially timely as I really need to do some painting, and I'l certainly check out your recommended colors. The Peking Roast sounds so unusual that I've just got to try it.....may be a while as I spend very little time in the kitchen. Don't worry that you may "lose some of us". I wouldn't miss your blogs and was just talking to one our classmates about it earlier today. Remember Dianne Byars Holden? She's just as cute and sweet as she was back in high school.

peggy said...

Since we like Hazelnut coffee what do you think that will taste like?

Angela McInnis said...

Peggy: You can't really taste the coffee. I'm not sure about the hazelnut..but it's worth a try.Sometimes the oddest combinations work!
Pat:Let me know about the roast. I really liked it. It tasted like roast seasoned with Dale's.