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Sunday, August 8, 2010

To Encourage & Comfort You Today

Sometimes humor just doesn't seem appropriate.Today is one of those sad days. I keep up with lots of former students, and the ups and downs of their lives is very important to me. From broken hearts to lost lives, seeing young people suffer pierces my heart. I've known some of these adults since they were "children"...literally some since they were born but most since they entered school.

I would like to take a few minutes and say something to all the young men and women who are kind enough to humor me and are reading this blog. (You "oldies" are welcome to read...as you already know exactly what I am about to say.)

For everyone, life merrily skips along until one day you realize that all things aren't good and perfect. It might be in the form of betrayal from someone close, pressures from the world, illness, loss of precious children or parents, anything that suddenly jars you into the reality that while we are on this earth "ye shall have trouble". That's a promise. How morose, you might think, especially if you haven't acquired your battlescars yet. But let me assure you, ALL of us have troubles..it's just a matter of when and to what degree.

My life has been fraught with trouble. I am now 61 and some years are more trouble free than others. There are very few things that you could tell me, that would surprise or shock me. Many days, I have sat in my chair in my living room and wondered, "Why? Why me? Why my family? Why now?"

One day, an answer came. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, but it was clear and it WAS an answer. The answer was this: You are here on this earth, not for your glory and not for your daily gulp of happiness. You are here to glorify your Father in Heaven. You are here to fulfill His purpose, whatever that may be. He has destined you for a time like this. Now, go, help others and do what you are intended to do.

That was what I call "a lightning flash and thunderbolt" moment.

You may think, "Ok, she really is nuts", but whatever you think, the answer is the same for each of us. You will also discover this truth, it's just a matter of time. The good news is God doesn't let you fight the battles of life naked. He has given us specific armor to wear (Ephesians 6:10-20). He has told us how to wear it and to be ready to face trouble when it comes knocking at the door.

We aren't to live in fear. We are to live a purposed life...not always an easy or just a happy one..but a life that is real and encouraging to others. A life of faithfulness. When you "cross over to the other side of the road" and you know you should be helping someone by sharing your own experiences, you are NOT living that life. Take a few minutes today and "think on these things": Be an encourager and share your struggles and how God was faithful to be there even in a terrible time; pray for others when they, like Moses, are too weak to hold up their arms; show others the love that Christ showed you by forgiving. Sometimes encouraging means just being there.

Easy assignment? No. Vital? YES.

P.S. Sometimes YOU will need encouragement...it will come from the most unlikely places. A hug, a kind word, whatever is sent your way by a fellow laborer, accept the gesture and know they are "living the time destined for them to live" in your life at that moment. God strengthen and encourage you today and every day.


Baker said...

Reading this at lunch today for a little "lift"! Thanks Mrs. McInnis, just what I needed to hear!

Angela McInnis said...

I am glad that it "lifted" your spirits! Things will be ok...hang in there!

Scott Dennis said...

I had the same experience with my "ah-ha!"
moment. It hit me one night a few years ago that God has a plan, and that plan, as you said, is love.

Angela McInnis said...

You are so right, Scott. He has the plan, it's up to us to "rise" to the occasion.

Greer said...

Thank you for this today, Angela, as I am very downtrodden. It has helped me put my problems of the world in perspective and to remember to count my blessings and to know that God has me in the palm of His hand. You are so right-when we are young the world is our oyster--if only our hindsight was as good as our foresight. I have sat in my own chair as you said you have done and said "why me" or "why my family". But in reality none of us get out of this precious life unscathed--and if we say that we do then we are lying not only to others but to ourselves. So we must keep on plugging away and asking our dear Lord for His strength to carry us through. For as my dear parents taught me--"What does not kill us, makes us stronger!!

Angela McInnis said...

And that's a great way to face life, Greer! I've said it many times, the shame is not in falling down. The shame is not getting back up and trying again!! Love you lots.