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Friday, October 15, 2010

You Just Gotta Go!! Canton Flea Market

If you've never been to the Canton, Mississippi Flea Market, you MUST attend before your demise. My sister and I used to exhibit in the 1970's (oh, my), but it's much more fun to attend. It's probably the largest crafts fair in the southeast...if not, then it's close. The entire little town of Canton opens its doors (and pocketbooks) to thousands of eager shoppers beginning as early as you want (just bring a good flashlight) twice a year in the fall and spring.

My friend and her sweet mom invited me and we had the most fun day! Her mom had knee replacement surgery several months before and if you want an example of a REAL trooper, then she is the one to see! For five hours we walked and shopped and she never once even thought about complaining! We'd walk single file, with Friend in front relaying "danger alerts" backward. "Manhole ahead, don't trip!" she'd holler. I heard her mom respond once, "If it's not open, we're ok!" Then, "There's a dip in this grass, don't twist an ankle." To which I replied, "As long as she means a hole and not snuff from somebody's mouth, I'm ok."

My friend bought something that I've wanted to buy forever. She bought a Bottle Tree. Seeing all those colored bottles shining in the sunlight is a delight to me! We also took the time to stop, listen and BUY CD's of the guy who plays those reed flutes. I've wanted to do that every time I've attended and never have. It's fun to own two, and one is a Christmas CD.

We took a little break to have a funnel cake and coffee and were seated on the funnel cake makers picnic table. We three were all on one side and a cute high school couple was on the other side. When the "boy" half of the couple got up we barely noticed, but when his 100 pound (maybe 100) girlfriend got up, the weight of our side almost tipped the table over! I immediately went to the other side to anchor it. Lovely. Ten years ago, I'd never have admitted to that.

At lunch we sat in a lady's backyard under large shade trees and ate our Penn's chicken on a stick and fish and drank sweet tea. We had to pay $15 to park "close" but with shade trees and restroom facilities, I'd say it was money well spent. (Thanks, Miss June!)

I have noticed something recently. I've begun to like "tacky" things. Twenty years ago, I'd never have given a second look to a pink metal flamingo. But they keep calling my name, and I've resisted. I am still torn between perceived good taste and tacky fun. But you know, if I happen to run into another metal flamingo or a flying pig, I might just bend. I know, I know, there's a very thin line between tacky and wacky, but you only go around once...why not cross that line every once in a while....it might be fun!

It's so great to be able to spend the day, laughing and looking with good friends. Thanks, you two for inviting me. I love you both! I propose that ALL of you come join us sometime...wouldn't that be fun? We'd take the town by storm!! They'd never know what hit 'em.


Julie said...

It's funny how pairing the word "crafts" with "fair" has a much better connotation than "state" and "fair".

Sharon said...

Such a fun post! I've missed the Canton Flea Market since I moved to AL. I must just take a couple days off to attend in May. Love bottle trees and funnel cakes, too, and the story about the picnic table was hilarious. Thanks for giving me a giant smile this morning!

Angela McInnis said...

Julie! You know better! And Sharon, we had a great time! I think the Spring market is as much fun as the fall one...just a little hotter.

rebecca russell said...

Can't wait to go with you next May!! :-)

Emily said...

Loved this Angela! Haven't been to the Canton Flea Market since we left Greenville 16 years ago. It is on my "To do next year when I'm retired" list! As far as the "tacky fun rather than good taste", I'm right there with you and I love my bottle bush. Get you one!