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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chili Season Anyone?

As some of you may know, I taught Foods and Nutrition classes at our local high school for a number of years before I became a librarian. Now, just because my major was Home Economics does NOT mean that I am a great cook. (Similar to the adage "because you are standing in the garage does not mean you are a car".) When I was in high school, I had a wonderful Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Davis. I LOVED her classes and took all three years of Home Ec.

I liked everything she taught, even sewing. (I was a pretty bad seamstress...bad as in bad, not bad as in good like they say today.) Once I had a school annual deadline to meet and a sewing project to complete on the same night. I had to turn in the sports section of the annual and make a lined vest in Home Ec. My father (who being a professional photographer would have been the logical one to take on the annual task) decided he'd help me out and complete the vest. He did and it was the best grade I ever made in a sewing class...

I only had to teach high school sewing class one year and they all made boxer shorts. Even the girls loved wearing them at that time, so you'd think we could have done a pretty fair job at it. Wrong! One of my former students (who now teaches with me) was in that class and to this day, her father laughs at the memory of those horrible shorts...one leg much shorter than the other. I probably discouraged the entire female population of the Ross Barnett Reservoir area from ever tackling such a project again.

Back to subject at hand. One of the great things about my teacher, Mrs. Davis is how she taught us to really take care of our homes and our families. (She always wore the June Cleaver shirtwaist dresses with an apron.) I loved how much she loved her family. She genuinely enjoyed making her home a haven. That made a tremendous impression on my young mind. She was one of the main reasons I majored in Home Economics.

All that being said, today I signed up to enter a crock pot full of chili for our school's Chili Cook Off. (Why do I volunteer to do things like this?) If all goes as planned, 12-15 people will cook and be judged by the Administrators. Faculty will eat what isn't consumed by the judges.

If you'd be so kind, would you comment and let me know any little tips that may help my dish? The last time I tried a new chili recipe, I didn't wear my glasses and added 20 chipolte chilies instead of 2 and permanently scarred my esophagus. I am slightly frantic and need the help by next Friday. Thank you for any tips you might have that might at least help me not come in 15th.


Baker said...

I've got a really good white chicken chili recipe if you want to go that way... it's YUMMY! :) Not sure if that would be the way to go here though. I'm not good at making red chili...

Susanne Allen Thomas said...

Angela, my recipe has won me 3 crowns at chili cook offs...I call it Award Winning Chili

2lb hamburger meat browned and drained
2-16oz cans diced tomatoes
2-16oz cans Bush chili hot beans
1-16oz tomato sauce
1 env McCormick chili seasoning
1 T chili powder

Mix all ingredients in Dutch overn. Bring to a boil, simmer on low heat for 7 hours. Better if sits overnight.

Your MMK friend, Susanne Allen Thomas

Paula Collins said...

Wrote a long post and it didn't go through!! Let me try again.
I use onion and bell pepper in my chili, and in my opinion, most recipes don't call for NEARLY enough. The vegetables add as much flavor to the meat as the seasonings do, I believe (and of course it's all about flavor). I recommend adding a can of Original Rotel in place of, or in addition to, the tomatoes. Also, as for the beans, pinto beans are much more tender than kidney beans. Seasoning - Original Chili-O is about as good as any. Just some suggestions.. hope it turns out great, whatever recipe you decide on!

Julie said...


This a link to the best chili recipe I've ever used. They were sampling it in Publix about a year or so ago -- can't count the times I've used it since. It has both chili beans and black beans.

Julie said...

I saw Mrs. Davis in Wal-mart when I was at home a couple of weeks ago. She really hasn't changed much -- still a lovely lady.

Angela McInnis said...

thanks everyone! I will try every recipe...won't John be happy? Chili every night for the next week?

Holly Barber said...

Baker, I would LOVE your white chicken chili recipe!

Heather said...

I always add just a little dark chocolate to my red chili...it adds an amazing depth to the chili! And the spicier the better...but that is just my palate preference. =)

Harry said...

Have to have half ground chuck and half venison to give it a better flavor. Sauted onions and bell peppers in abundance. Black beans and kidney beans in equal parts depending on how big a group we are feeding. Get a packet of chili seasoning from your local grocer then add your own favorite spices like Tony Tacherie's or some other kind of seasoning depending on how hot you want it. Key is to let it simmer for hours then put in the frig overnight then warm again the next day. When all that is done make some jalapeno cornbread but add this twist --- saute some onions in a black skillet then pour your cornbread mixture on top of the onions. When the cornbread is ready flip it out of the pan and the onions are on top smiling at you. Have plenty of Tobasco and Fritos Scoops with Rotel! There you have it ---- then watch The Rebels beat Auburn --- a perfect evening!

Greer said...

Angela--I have a great recipe that my Mama, Aunt Gloria and Hardy had. I have put my own touches to it and it is delicious. I'll call and give it to you.