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Monday, October 25, 2010

* To Dye or Not To Dye: That Is the ?

I am in quite a quandary....a conundrum of sorts. Many, many MANY women I know dye their hair. I've been watching and evaluating through the years and most women just routinely do the "dye" thing without giving it a second thought. If not dye, then highlight, frost or some such thing. I've always had, as you may have noticed, the most unruly head of hair created. (I just hope that when I get to heaven, my hair looks better than it does on earth.) So it is with much thought that I ask, "Should I or should I not dye?" That is the question.

My hair is now getting to the skunk phase...you know, a stripe of white here and there, especially in the front. With my reading glasses on, I sort of resemble Cruella Deville. The ladies I know that dye, look much younger than their husbands...so that's a plus...it looks like you snagged an older gentleman. People probably think you are loaded...ha. That is another problem, "You Know Who" has snow white hair, so all the students think he's much older than his "child" bride...that would be me.

My question is do I dive in and just try it? Or do I wait until the summer and get used to it myself before I go back to school? Next, what color? No crow black for me....there are at least 5 billion colors...how do you know what it will look like? I don't want to look like Dolly Parton or Wynonna Judd. (I have no idea how to spell Wynonna or Cruella, but you get the gist, don't you?)

Do I go lighter or just cover the gray? How on earth do you choose from such an array? Will the dye make your hair fall out? Oh, mercy, now that WOULD be a horror. Mine is bad enough as it is. I haven't been able to change hair styles in years...I just do the best with what little I have. So now you see my problem. Maybe I will just age "naturally" and look every day of my 60+ years...or maybe I'll take the plunge (figuratively speaking) and come in one day and wow everyone. There's one thing for sure, I must not have many problems if this one is the worst I can think of today!!


Anonymous said...

Hey...You're an adventurer. Go for it! Do it
with something like Natural Instincts that is temporary and will wash out within a month a little at a time if you don't like it. It may not cover all the gray but if it doesn't it will look more natural.

Angela McInnis said...

Well, thank you for the tip, Anonymous. I will keep this in mind...sounds like you may have had experience in this realm....hmmmm?

Holly Barber said...

Go for it! --- I don't blame you on not wanting to do the crow black thing. Maybe a dark, dark brown.....like a chestnut color or something? Good luck! --and be sure to post pics!

Angela McInnis said...

Dye AND post pictures?! That may be way too much for ya'll to handle!!