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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tip of the Week: Boo! Pumpkin Pillows for the Porch

You know I am on this "saving $" kick, but I really wanted to have a cute orange and white polka dot pillow in my porch rocker. I just couldn't justify the expenditure. (This "trying to be conservative" thing is a very new experience for me, please, bear with me.)
As I was browsing in Big Lots for something to monogram with the new Cricut, I stumbled upon these clear orange pumpkin trick or treat bags...hmmmm...what if I took this home and stuffed my black and white ticking pillow inside?

When I drove in the driveway I charged right to the front porch and unceremoniously stuffed that sucker right into the bag and tied the top shut with the black cloth handles! Eureka! A funny pillow for $1.50 (plus tax, of course.) Not as cute as orange polka dots, but lots cheaper and it saved some time. I love a good deal.

Also pictured above is my first attempt at using the Cricut. I layered the colors for the owl. Hope you will share something fun you've done for the season...
Reminder: Registered "Followers" of this blog are in the running for a small mixed media canvas drawing later this month. If you read it, you might as well register. You don't have to use your real name...we'll understand your need for anonymity.


danman49 said...

very good, Angela!!

LIBBY said...


Marie Ross said...

You are so crafty! I love it!!!

Mary said...

LOVE IT! AND YOU Know how much I love your blog!!! I really think you need to draw me for that canvas seeing it is my b'day and everything LOL:)

Angela McInnis said...

My husband (you know who) says I see the world through a different prism...don't know exactly what he means but I'll just pretend it's a compliment! My problem has always been too much imagination...not enough moola.