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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Progress Is In the Eye of the Beholder:Laptops

Ok, what's with the laptop obsession? I find them quite awkward and I can't locate half of the buttons... First I can't figure out the rubbing your fingers over that square thing to move the mouse...I move to the left when I meant to go to the right. And the red button in the middle? What in the world is that for? I nearly beat the square to death until I figured out that a gentle touch will do the trick.

Anyway, I was setting up the laptop on my desk in FRONT of my old monitor. (My computer hard drive is in the shop.) I have a drawer in my desk that slides out to reveal the keyboard. So I pull out the drawer and begin typing....nothing appears....type again...still nothing. I check all the cords. Everything looks fine. Begin typing on my OLD keyboard again...I am so frustrated! Why in the world won't the thing type?! Mutter a few choice words. Wiggle wires again and ooops! Big Discovery: you can't use your old keyboard to type on the laptop. It has its own keyboard.

Even worse, I have repeated this process ( pulling out the drawer and typing a few short seconds) about 40 times this week before I realize my mistake. To remedy the situation, I have pushed the old keyboard to the back of the drawer and put the laptop on the sliding drawer. The only problem is that the drawer now sticks out so far that I am about 20 inches from the front of the desk. This is progress? (Don't even get me started about the IPad.)


Scott Dennis said...

Laptops are old news -- Smartphones will soon be the number one gateway to the web. :-0

Julie said...

I don't like the touchpad on the laptop either -- I have a real wireless mouse for mine. It's my travel computer and the one I take with me if I need to do a QuickBooks demo for a new client. But it will never take the place of my desktop. You probably could have hooked up the keyboard and mouse cables to the laptop and used them.