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Thursday, October 28, 2010

* The Fairy Godmother & Hot Chili

Holy cow! Ask for a little help from your friends and MINE respond pronto. I have so many chili recipes in my email and on the blog, that I'll be testing all week getting ready for the big day next Friday! Thank you one and all! I can't wait to try all the advice on for size...speaking of which, if we eat all this, those polyester pants from Bon Worth will get a real workout.

I am hesitant to repeat this, but now that it's been a few hours since it was said, I can smile. Teacher sends student to the library to give me something...student asks which librarian I am...the one with the bun that looks like a fairy godmother? Oh, heaven help me....first it was Aunt Bea now the Fairy Godmother...I think it was the cartoon one that is popular now...hope not Cinderella's ...dumpy little thing...should I laugh or cry?

Going to read more recipes... will post later this weekend. Thank goodness it's almost Friday.


Mary said...


Julie said...

That was sweet -- and really a compliment. Enjoy.

hannah singer said...

Hahahahaha! You are hilarious, bibbity bobbity boo!