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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Name for Laziness: Voluntary Inertia

Finally, my computer is back in working order! I didn't realize how "attached" I was to it until it was gone for a whole week. (Just like missing your child when they are gone to camp.) I missed several days worth of posts for the blog so I will try to make up for it this week.

Today I was reading the Woman's Day magazine dated November 1 and realized how close the holidays really are."Holidays Made Easy" features a 10 week plan to make your holidays go more smoothly. Each week is broken down into about 4 or 5 major tasks to accomplish, but the first week is the most important and the one I felt was the most useful. The old saying, "Prepare & Prevent instead of Repair & Repent" came to mind while I was thinking about the upcoming mayhem that we like to call the "holidays."

The four accomplishments for this first week were: 1. Evaluate 2. Make a calendar 3. Budget
4. Map a workout plan. #4 is so you won't have extra weight to go along with your light weight wallet after the holidays pass. (It's bad enough to be broke, but to be fatter and broke is THE worst!)

My Master Plan is to follow their Master Plan. First I will evaluate what is really most important during the holidays...is it worship, food, decorating, gifts? What are my goals and priorities? Write down the priorities. Then get out the calendar and plan a strategy. (Here is where the book The Art of War comes in handy.) Divide (the tasks) and conquer...pace yourself...don't get overloaded. And then comes the BUDGET....ahhhh, the budget. You know the sticky wicket that us poor folks have to deal with everyday of our lives. Set a budget and stick to it...my problem is that if I shop too early, I can't seem to quit when I am finished. I keep finding other things that people would like...so this year I am sticking to the budgeted amount...that's my story and I'm sticking to it, too.

Lastly, the age old problem of gaining weight over the holidays. I believe if I "diet" now, I could afford a little splurge now and then during the holidays. So back on the wagon I go.

Wow, all that was week 1! Get a copy of the magazine. I think you'd enjoy seeing some of the weekly plans (even though I must admit, some plans are rather lame.) BTW: check out the cute portion control plates pictured above right. Some lucky reader of Woman's Day magazine will win a set! Pretty and practical.

Remember the four steps to accomplishment:
1. Plan purposefully. 2. Prepare prayerfully. 3. Proceed positively. 4. Pursue persistently.

Now, quit procrastinating and get busy. "The only thing lazy people do fast is get tired!"

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hannah singer said...

Well, I agree with your plans-all of them! Most of the year I am crazy about the budget-no choice-but holidays approach and it is WAY less fun:/
(Also, I just read my Woman's Day today!)