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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkins, Apples, Cinnamon & Scarecrows

It might just be me, but I love the smell and the taste of pumpkin, apple and cinnamon all year long. So why do places like Bath and Body Works clear the shelves of the good smelling stuff after the holidays? (Then they put out the poor substitutes like "I Love You" and "Down the Moonlit Path" and wonder why sales fall off!) Does anyone know where to get a good pumpkin spice latte anytime of the year except fall?

There is something so comforting about coming home to a crackling fire in the fireplace and the smell of cinnamon wafting through the house. If hubby gets home first and starts the fire I am just in bliss. Last weekend, I bought a funny little pumpkin for my antique child's wheelbarrow. I surrounded it with straw and put up a perky scarecrow behind it on my white picket fence. With the mums just blooming and the chill in the air, it makes me so happy to drive in my driveway in the afternoon.

This year, $ is tight. I would love to have more than one pumpkin, but I am, like everyone else, "tightening the belt." I only bought 5 mums, but they are full and pretty and are just loaded with buds. A young friend and his wife are about to head to N. Carolina to spend some time in a cabin and see the leaves change into their glorious colors. What a beautiful season Autumn is! What a wonderful, gracious God we serve...He knew our fickleness...our restless desire for change....and even though He NEVER changes...He presents us with four distinct seasons for our pleasure and delight. My very favorite is Autumn. Thank You, Heavenly Father.


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This is my favorite time of the Year too:) I love the fall colors, smells of fall, my birthday LOL and all things fall.